April 5, 2009

Here we go again.....

So, let's see....I started on Wordpress, but got very frustrated with the fact that despite my clicking the "leetle box" that said I wanted them to remember me, it didn't. Now most wouldn't think this is a big deal. However, for an addle-brained person such as myself, I couldn't remember the password, even though I created it.
Yes, I did save the email with the information in it. But I cannot find it. And yes, I could use a small notebook to write all my passwords down for various sites, but then again we have the issue with not being able to find it. You see where I am going with this?
Then I tried Homestead Blogger. I loved the fact that it was a large group of like minded people. Unfortunately, their blog system, and the ways to edit it, are far above my addle mind. I have even emailed for assistance...to no avail.
So, here I am at Blogger. It is much more user friendly, and hopefully will serve my needs well.
Am I worried that my legions of fans won't be able to find me? Nah, I think all two of them should be able to handle the redirect. Muahahaha.

I will write a post with more substance later. Right now I have to go outside to reduce my body temperature, as the mother is cooking a turkey and boiling everyone out of the house at the moment.

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