April 30, 2009

Jamestown and Captain John Smith

We are going to be starting our Jamestown/Captain John Smith unit in history next week. I thought I would share some resources that we will be using, all online, all for free. Since DB has been doing a LOT of notebooking pages, I thought we would take a mini break and do a lapbook format for this unit.

First, we use An Elementary History of the United States for our spine. This has been a great book, as it doesn't have any of the political garbage found in newer texts.

Homeschool Share has some great mini books and folds for a lapbook on John Smith and Pocahontas. We are focusing on Jamestown and John Smith, more than Pocahontas, but we will be using some of these folds.

The actual Jamestown Settlement website has an amazing wealth of information for use, including some student downloads (pdf), that would be valuable additional information to create more mini books, or just to add as folds.

I haven't gone through this entire website yet, but what I have gone through looks good and valuable. Visit Virtual Jamestown.

I am excited to do the Jamestown Online Adventure with DB. I think we will do this one together, keeping a journal as we go along, of what the outcome of our decisions concerning Jamestown are. It also gives you a printable report of sorts at the end, to show what the decisions were, and the outcome (did your Jamestown survive or fail miserably?)

Jamestown Rediscovery shows the archeological side of Jamestown. Amazing discoveries have been found in the last few years, that fill in the gaps about what happened during the early 1600's.

Historic Jamestown provides the latest news, lesson plans, interactive activities, and much more.

I can see this could turn into a unit that last several months if I am not careful LOL! I am a history buff, and love things like this. I have to remember that DB doesn't need a full year's worth of this unit. Maybe I will keep my own journal of what I learn, which is very much a good example of how to do Thomas Jefferson Education (I'm a fast study).

I hope these resources are helpful to you, and I will post pictures of our project/lapbook when we are done.

Be blessed.

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