April 14, 2009

Planning and Adjusting Our Homeschool

We began our homeschool journey this year, just before the public school December vacation. DoodleBug had been in public school for 2 1/2 years. We had homeschooled prior to that.

Because we are using free resources from the internet and public library, it has been a bit hit and miss in trying to get a routine going.

We have finally found a math program that we both like, and I feel is very suited to DB's learning style. We are using Mathematics Enhancement Programme. It is a British based math curriculum, that is based on the Hungarian style. Hungary's style of teaching math is amazing, and incorporates much critical thinking skills, which I feel American curriculums lack.

For science, we are using The Science Reader (Book 4) (look under Science). The reading for it is a bit above DB's level, but I feel it is a good book for him, and forces him to think more deliberately about what he is reading. I usually find worksheets to go along with what the particular lesson is about, by doing a simple Google search. So far, it has been very enjoyable.

We are going to also start incorporating The Outdoor Hour Nature Study, which will enhance our science, art, and writing. She has provided an excellent layout to use, and gives you inspiration to add Nature Journalling to your homeschool studies.

I am also in the process of trying to find an evaluator to go over our schoolwork. Unfortunately, most that are listed on the state homeschooling website are not doing evaluations anymore. I have put out a request on a local message board, but haven't found anyone yet. I have a few more numbers to call, but if I do not hear something in the next week or so, I will have to go with the PASS Testing. I have nothing against their testing, or the company. It is testing in general that I do not agree with. It does not show the child's true abilities. But I have to have my evaluation or testing results in by July 1, 2009. So I will make a few phone calls, and if I do not find an evaluator, testing it is.

I am also using goal sheets from Donna Young to help me decide what we need to cover for next year. I know that I want to get a schedule set so that we are not bouncing around so much. I am not a naturally organized person, but I have to be, or we will miss too many important things.

Now that nicer weather is here, we will be spending alot more time outdoors. I think we will take a short break from the Science Reader, and focus on gardening, since that is high on my list of things to do. I already have our seeds, and the egg cartons and such, I just need to pick up soil this weekend. We also need to get our back on our land and set up where we want the plants.

I hope your homeschool journey is as exciting as ours has been.

Be blessed

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