April 9, 2009

Spring has sprung

Good afternoon! Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast. We are having warmer days (usually mid 50's), and much warmer nights (mid 40's...lots better than 20 or less!).

We are also seeing signs of spring all over the place. DB and I are keeping close eye on all the mini-flower beds my mother has set up around the house, watching the bulbs stretch above the soil, and for flowers to form. Most of the snow is gone...there are still a couple patches left here and there, but not much really.

This morning we took a walk up the road. We live across the street from a small waterway. It is called The Meadows, and is bigger than a pond, but not as big as a lake. I will show pictures next time we go, as I forgot the camera this morning.

Anyway.....we saw a pair of Canadian geese in a neighbor's yard. One was eating (we think the female), pecking at the ground, while another (the male probably) was standing watch. Never did he take his eyes off the area, watching anything that moved, making sure that it didn't disturb the female while she ate. I am wondering if they are nesting on the bank of the water there, or if they are nesting on the other side (where there are no people), and just came over for breakfast.

We also saw two ducks swimming across The Meadows, in perfect sync. It was like watching that water ballet, where all the participants move in perfect harmony. The two made the same turns, swaying back and forth across the water.

We also stopped on the way back to observe two trees that Poppa will be cutting down soon. Both are at risk for falling into the road. One is a dead tree that has been pulled by the roots, and is resting against a pine tree in front of it. The other is a birch that was bent down during the ice storm back in December. Neither will take much to bring down, but being that it is on a blind corner of the road, we will have to have a couple people out there to direct traffic so that no one gets hurt.

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine in your neck of the woods, and get to feel the cool breezes on your face.

Be blessed.

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