April 22, 2009

Spring Vacation

My two public schoolers are on spring vacation this week, so DB and I sort of are too. My SP is doing two online virtual classes (Eng 3 and Spanish I), so she isn't totally off the hook, school work wise.
I also have been making sure that both boys read each day. LM has a book project due in a few weeks, and DB just needs to keep up on his schedule.

But you don't have to have a schedule to learn. Learning takes place anywhere. Last night we watched Schindler's List on HBO on Demand. All of the kids whined a bit when it first started, but by the first hour into it, they were glued to the tv. Even though there are some nudity scenes (Schindler's mistresses in various forms of undress, forced undressing of the Jewish people by the Nazis), it didn't affect the watching of the movie, nor what they took away from it.

Tonight we have watched a show on the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci, on the History Channel; and are currently watching Time Warp. These are just a few of my kiddos favorite shows to watch.

Now I am not going to be sanctimonious and say that we never watch cartoons, because frankly, those are DB's favorite shows. But he is also an avid animal person.

For spring vacation we are also able to go to a local hotel, thanks to my ex sister in-law. We will be there for 2 nights (Thursday and Friday). We are flat broke, so this gift is amazing! The kids will be able to go swimming in the pool, and we are going to go downtown Portsmouth and walk around, seeing the sights. The kids have the honor of knowing that one half of their roots begins in Portsmouth. Their father's family is from downtown Portsmouth and the Isles of Shoals. Very cool.

I will upload pictures and lots of them, either Saturday when we get back, or Sunday after church.

Be blessed

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