May 13, 2009

Carnival of Homeschooling #176

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up, and being hosted by Jacque Dixon at Walking Therein. There are some amazing posts to read on homeschooling, motherhood, faith and more. Please take a moment to visit, and thank the wonderful moms who stepped up to share.

Again, visit Jacque at this link

On a side note, please take a look at this photo of a boy on a bike:

A normal spring/summer activity right?

Well for my 11yo (DB), this is a MAJOR accomplishment. He hasn't learned how to ride a bike..........until 3 days ago. And since then, it is like when he first learned to walk, there was no stopping him.

As his brother said yesterday, the shirt he had on fit him:
"Always late but worth the wait!"

Be blessed


  1. Well, that is a relief...I have an 8 yo who still has training wheels. I keep telling myself this is not a life skill, this is not a life skill, this is not a life skill...

  2. RaisingArrows-
    No worries, they will get it when they are ready :). I kept telling his father that, but he had no patience with it. Now here he is, relaxed, cruising around like he has been riding for years.

  3. Good for him! I didn't learn until I was ten, and then there was no stopping me. I still ride my bike; it's been a lifelong pleasure :)