May 10, 2009

E(asing) G(od) O(ut)

EGO, that was part of the message today at church. Pastor Barb (who I had never heard preach), was a guest preacher for Mother's Day.

Her main message was that we are all BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING. And if we don't believe that, why?

One of the things she brought up was EGO. Easing God Out. Thinking that you know better than he does, that you can go it alone, and don't need him.

This resonated with me, as I have struggled with this the last few years. Heck, all my life really. But I wasn't aware of it until the last few years.

If you would like to hear the sermon yourself, please feel free to visit our church website. And make sure you check out the other sermons, Pastor Dave has an amazing way of getting the message across in a way that makes you realize he is talking to you. God truly uses him as a tool of his grace.

Are you BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING? I know I am!!

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