May 11, 2009

Excitement for the future

I went to visit my girlfriend Michelle today. We used to be fellow homeschoolers, until life changed for both of us. Her hubby passed about 3 years ago, and I got divorced about 2 years ago. We both went back to work, and our kids went back to public school.

I had seen her on and off, at her job at Walmart, but now that she is working out back in the office, I don't see her nearly as much as I would like. Now that we are going back to church, I get to see her almost every Sunday.

Today, we were talking about my coming back to my faith, and how I have stumbled. I told her more than once that I am so happy for her, and where she is now, compared to just a few short years ago.

She just moved into her own home, paid for by her. The house she was renting was nice, but over the course of the years, the landlord was taking more and more advantage of her. It is a 3 bedroom mobile home, in a park, and it is all hers (and the banks lol).

She reminded me that she didn't do it alone, but rather gave it to God. It wasn't easy by any means, but she did it. And he has blessed her 10 times over. She volunteers more at the church now, reaches out to people like me, sharing her testimony, and is just in a much happier place.

Her last sentence to me before I went home today was..."Ya' know (she is looking around her home), I am so excited for the future, to see what else HE has planned for me."

Michy you are a true blessing, and I am blessed to know you. Thank you my friend!!

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