May 21, 2009

Is My Blog "Real"?

Over at Our Plain and Simple Life, Mrs. Dewey Smith wrote a post concerning the topic of if our blogs are "real enough". She was inspired by a post at Keeper of the Home, where she responded to a reader's email she received.

Basically, the reader asked her how she "does it all". This reminded me of my journey to where I am, and where I have been. I have written about my journey back to Christ, after falling away from him for a few years.

What you don't see, is the actual stumbles along the way in those two years. I will not go into the gory details, because I feel that is private....between the Lord and I. But trust me, it was not pretty. I firmly believe that is part of the reason that the few years have been so hard, especially since my injury. I didn't trust HIM.

Another thing you don't see is my day to day. My real day to day is not much like you would think it is.. I am not a scheduler. I know what I have to get done in general, and I try to make a "to do" list each day, but I hardly ever complete it. I have tried all these great things like Fly Lady, but it just isn't me. It isn't a realistic thing for me to try. I always try to become better at getting done what I need to do, but you will never see me carrying one of those fabulous planners you can buy.

When I homeschool it is the same. I know what I want to get done, but I do not follow a schedule one bit. We have days when we do a half day schedule because of my shoulder injury. I am not able to always do a full day, without a nap because of the pain and medication I have to take.

I know my shortcomings and my strengths. And God is continually helping me grow in his word, and the plan he has for me and my life. He convicts me when he feels I am not following the right path, and graces me when I am.

So know that while I post what I feel are good moments in our life, it isn't everything.

Maybe I should post more of the things you don't normally see, like how I struggle with my youngest and his "goofy attitude" when we are supposed to be doing school work, or how sometimes, despite God's hard work on my parenting skills, I still get snappy here and there.

I suppose that would be a good testament, showing the good and the bad. Isn't that how Jesus taught us?

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