May 2, 2009

Laptop withdrawal and taking stock....

My laptop went kapoot on Thursday night, while I was in the process of writing the previous post. Just poof, gone, no power. Thank goodness Blogger has an autosave feature, as I was able to finish the post the next day on my daughter's laptop.

I took my faithful companion to my favorite computer store on Friday afternoon, after dropping to boy's off to their father for the weekend. After a few tries of different things, Ryan (my computer guy) discovered that my computer power cord had been pinched in two places, and one place had a broken piece of wire sticking out a bit. I never noticed it.

I also know how it happened........sigh..........I sit in this recliner at my mom's. I never use the recliner part, but since staying with my parents, this has become "my seat". I would rather be at the kitchen table, but that doesn't work in this house like it did in mine. Anywhooo, apparently the cord for the laptop got under the chair somehow, and the chair has metal legs. Needless to say, it is going to be an expensive proposition.

Did you know that a replacement cord for a laptop can be as much as $80-$90????? I was flabbergasted! Thankfully, and the Lord willing, Ryan will have a cord in his secret stash, that will only cost me $15-$20. Otherwise, my laptop will be at his establishment for two weeks, until I get the money to pay for the repair.

It is horrible how addictive and convenient our technology can be. ALL of my links are on that laptop. Thankfully I had already printed out much of our history study for the week. But I am going through withdrawal. I can use my mother's laptop as I am now, to write this post, or my daughter's laptop, as I did earlier today. But it's just not the same. Know what I mean?

I am getting ready to do DB's end of year evaluation. I am past the point of being "nervous" like I was in my early days of homeschooling (for those who don't remember, I homeschooled for nearly 9 years before). But, I am using a new evaluator this year. Turns out that she remembers me, because she worked in the toddler room at the daycare where my daughter went at the age of 2. She remembers my dd's big blue eyes lol.

Anyway, she is going to be emailing me this week with a checklist of what she wants to see in a portfolio. I made sure to let her know in the initial stages of communication, that we didn't start homeschooling until late December. I have no doubts that we will get a good evaluation. We have accomplished a lot, especially with nothing more than a binder, paper and ink for the printer, and my faithful friend, the laptop.

I did however, find a chink in our system. We have days where my RSD is so bad, that we don't do schooling that day, or a smaller amount of it. For this reason, I wanted a way to show what DB is doing each day in addition to his school work, and also have a way for him to begin to be accountable for his own learning.

I came up with a simple form in Works Wordprocessor. It is titled "Daily List". I then made a table with 2 columns, the first being large enough for a checkmark, and the second the rest of the table width. We have missed a few days of writing in it, but this week will be better.

Last week we used it to record what he did after the fact. This week we are going to begin filling it in during the morning, before we get started, and then he can check off each item as it is completed. I am going to be setting up my planner, and writing his assignments in it, so that he can then copy it to his "Daily List".

Ok, off to bed, enough rambling for tonight. Church tomorrow, I can't wait!

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