May 29, 2009

Recycled Sweaters

I have recently seen several websites/blogs showing off ways to recycle sweaters, specifically wool sweaters, and this facinates me. I cannot wear wool because it makes me itch too much, but if I took, say a large man's wool sweater and felted it first, it would make a great bag, pillow form, or who knows what!

I love the look of felted items, but the price of wool yarn puts the idea of making them completely from scratch (crocheting or knitting myself), out of the budget.

This blog, Resweater, is amazing! She seeks out other people's creations, and showcases them. She even goes on "hunts" for sweaters, skirts, etc., and sells them for those who cannot find them in their area. Definitely a MUST see!

Here are some links to some projects I plan on trying. Hope you were as inspired as I was:

Pillow or Throw
Girl's Spring Tote
Adorable Bunnies (cashmere not wool, but too cute to pass up!)
Felted Wool Blanket (could totally see this on my boy's beds, or could use a similar idea for window quilts for winter)
Picnic Blanket Video
Chair Cover
Coin Purse
Overnight Bag
Snuggly Slippers
Winter Caps (love these!!)
Adorable little girl's jumper
Kitties (so going to be made for my grandson and soon to be grandbaby!)
Made from Recycled Sweaters (Flickr group for complete obsession and inspiration)
Flickr Search (general search, may contain some of the same projects as above link)
Rag Rug

Ok, that should keep us both busy for awhile! Hope you find some great inspiration as I did!

Be blessed

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