May 28, 2009

Teaching Good Things

I have just discovered the blog Teaching Good Things, by Kathy Brodock, and I am so glad I did.

She has an amazing way of looking at how we SHOULD be raising our children. Now I will admit, I do try to raise my children this way, but have been inconsistent. I am not a perfect mother, as most mothers will say the same. We make mistakes.

One thing I have done right, is to foster my children's creativity. No matter what form it takes. My daughter is an avid writer. Will she get her stories published? I don't know....only time will tell. But I provide her the tools to follow her passion...plenty of notebooks, pens, pencils, and even for her 16th birthday last year, she received a laptop. This was courtesy of myself, her father, and her grandparents.

My middle, my 13 yr old son, has a passion for all things LEGO, as well as boats. I foster this, by making sure that he has every opportunity to build with Legos, and am planning on helping him purchase a small 2 person inflatable boat. He has already saved most of the money himself. I had made a comment several months ago, that he would be perfect to work at Lego, because he can literally build anything from a pile of Legos, he thought it would be a great idea!

My youngest, my 11 yr old son, is passionate about animals. All animals...wild and domesticated. I am in the process of adding to his passion by helping him to find out about different career paths available. He seems to be leaning towards something in the Fish and Game Department area. Yes, I know he is young.....but I can already see him doing something in that line of work, and so can he. He may very well become a vet, time will tell. But I can see him following his passion as well.

Creativity is a gift we are born with. It is given from God, but humans can take it away. It is a theft of sorts, to kill the creativity in a child. My parents never really fostered my creative side, but they didn't kill it either. Rather they left me to my own devices to figure out how to follow the creative pursuits I had. One of them was art.

I was passionate about drawing, painting, anything artistic. I took art all 4 years in high school, and desperately wanted to do something in the art world for a career. But I never did. Why not? Fear of failure. I had no one to help me with my passion. No one to cheer me on, or mentor me. So I let it fizzle out.

It has come out in spits and spurts over the years....I love to crochet and scrapbook, and have dabbled in photography. I have sought out those people whose work I admire, and used them as mentors. They didn't always know I was using them in this way, but isn't this why we share information on blogs? To share our knowledge with others, to act as virtual mentors? I think so. Otherwise, it would just be because of our own inflated egos, and that would be sad.

I wish I had someone to mentor and help me grow in my passions, when I was the age of my children, but I didn't. All I can do to correct this is to make sure that I help my children with theirs, and find mentors to help me grow in my own.

Creativity is a gift from God. Do not waste it.

Be blessed

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