June 16, 2009

Busy, busy day

Ahh, it is now 10:25, and the day is finally winding down. It has been one of those non-stop days. You know, the one that starts at the crack of dawn, and goes at the speed of light.

But, it was an AMAZING day! My younger brother came home from the Middle East today. He actually got back in state yesterday, but it was midnight, and he had to inprocess, so he didn't come home until this afternoon. He volunteered to go, but is VERY glad to be home.

I also had DB's end of year portfolio evaluation today. Turns out, the woman (Karen) who did my evaluation, was actually the toddler teacher at the local day care when my daughter and my niece were there. I recognized her immediately. She told me she was impressed with all we had accomplished in the few months we had been schooling. Even after doing this for as many years as I have, I still worry that we haven't covered enough.

She also gave me some excellent tips for math and doing something as simple as a graphic organizer for a book report. So, one thing done for the end of the year...now I just need to write up the letter of intent for next year. But I think I will hold off for now, because of our impending move, and the chance that we will be living in another town for next school year.

Here is a funny story to make you smile: I got put in charge of finishing up getting dinner ready tonight. Fricazead (sp?) chicken. I have never cooked this in my life, because I do not like it. But it is what my brother wanted. Well, just in that split second that I was pouring the rice into the pot with the chicken...it dawned on me....I shouldn't be doing this.

Now ensues a scene right out of the Three Stooges. I go tell my brother and father what I did, and my brother says "No problem, we can fix it". We go back in the kitchen, and he begins removing the chicken from the pot, and then drains the water/rice mixture into a strainer over another pot. We then proceed to pour the rice into another pan. As it splats into the pan, some of it splashes up on the wall...great, more mess to clean up lol.

The whole time this is going on, I am saying "Not my fault, I have never made it before"...and my brother and father are saying "No problem, we have your back".

Just as we are starting to put everything in the proper pans (rice separate from chicken, but sadly mixed with celery and onion...that should have been with the chicken), my mother returns from her errand.

I'm thinking, ''great, I'm busted" hehe....before I could utter a word, my father was out the door, laughing and yelling "She messed up dinner!!" Thanks for having my back dad! Haha!

My brother finishes putting the chicken, and then proceeds to run out the door silly like, and yells "Mommy, she messed up my homecoming dinner!!" Too funny. Would have been better if I had it on video, but sadly I don't.

Ok, off to bed for this young lady. If you have a chance, go check out The Conservative Homeschooler. It is an amazing network on NING, and one particular area to check out is the Esther Bible Study. You don't have to worry about joining late, as the study will be on there for a long time. We are only one week into the study, so feel free to join in. You will LOVE it!


  1. That story is priceless!
    Gotta' love brothers don't ya?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, couldn't live without him!! :)