June 10, 2009


Did you notice something different about my blog? Wait....the name is changed! When I first set up this blog, I was in the midst of reclaiming myself. I had been in a poor relationship, where I let someone else have control over me. That so went against everything I believed about myself.

But a funny thing happened.....I still don't have control, but it is by choice. I have given all control of my life to GOD. Not another human. And I could not be happier!! Which is why I changed the name from "Living Life on My Own Terms"...to "Living Life on HIS TERMS". Because I cannot do anything without HIM in my life.

It took quite some time, and some serious hurting for me to come to this realization. But I am here now, which is all that matters.

There have been amazing changes happening in my heart as well. I am no longer on any dating sites. God has shown me, that in his effort to teach me that I do not have to look for love where ever I find it, that I want to eventually be a help-meet. I want to be in a relationship with a man who will love me as God would have him love me. So, dating sites be gone. If God designs that I should be in a relationship with a man, he will bring that man to me. If he doesn't, then I will be a help-meet to the Lord. Either way, it will be a true blessing!

I have been working through a Joyce Meyer teaching lately, on how to have a personal relationship with God. It was rather ironic how it came about, and is just proof to me that HE is guiding my every move, and those of the people I come in contact with.

I had gone to visit my girlfriend Michelle last week. It was such a good visit, and she was able to teach me a lot, although that wasn't the reason we got together that day. In our very relaxed talk out on her deck, she shared with me how she came to have a real personal relationship with HIM, and she dislikes when someone says "You are religious". She recommended a book called The Shack. She had told me of this book before, and I am definitely going to be getting it soon.

Fast forward a few days, and I emailed our pastor's wife Laura. She is now in charge of our women's ministry, so thought she would be a good person to ask my question. I guided her back to my blog here, and wanted to know if she could recommend a bible study that would help me figure out what I should be working on...what does God have planned for me, and how do I figure it out.

Well, she couldn't recommend one particular study, but did remind me of Joyce Meyer. I went to Joyce's site, and the very first video to pop on the screen was a two part series about building a personal relationship with God. BANG!!! I felt HIM smack me up the backside of my head, much as the character Gibbs does to Tony and McGee in NCIS. I began watching the videos, and it was like I was sitting with Michelle again on Monday....this was ordained by God that I should have this particular message put to me.

I downloaded the study notes, and have slowly been working through them, digesting the information and the readings. I also am watching the videos again, for clarification when needed.

If you desire and want to have a personal relationship with HIM, please visit this link and watch the videos. Read the accompanying study/teaching guide. Let your heart open to having a true and meaningful relationship with our Savior.

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