June 18, 2009

Human Anatomy Resources

We are taking a break from our regular science text, to work on an indepth study of the human body. I thought I would take the time to share some of the resources we are using...please let me know of any links are not working. Enjoy!

Enchanted Learning - Many label items (brain, heart, eye, etc.) most you do not need to be a paying member to use.

Teach-nology - Many resources here for all things related to a human anatomy theme.

Human Anatomy - Very advanced site, would be good for a high school health class, or even college level course.

Get Body Smart - Great site with interactives and amazing visuals.

Body Quest - A Think Quest site with great information.

My Body, The Inside Story - Good site with interactives, ideas for hands on activities, etc.

Body Basics - another great site with activities to help teach human anatomy.

The Science Spot - listing of websites dealing with Biology, all grade levels.

Education World - A Tour Inside the Human Body, all grade levels.

BioEd Online - website provided by Baylor College of Medicine, has great slide shows that will help with the visual aspect of the body. Might be able to use as mini books as well, if printed.

Texas Dept. of Health Svs - activities and such, by grade level.

Human Body Lapbook - Just Call Me Jamin's website and resources are always amazing. Here on her blog, she lays out a lot of resources for you to use to make your own body lapbook.

HOAC Lapbook - This homeschooler provides a visual of what the Body Lapbook from HOAC would look like. Nice pictures!

Human Body Lapbook 2 - A great example of how to use free printables to make your own lapbook.

Ok, that should keep you busy for awhile lol. I will be back later to add some videos and such for you to add to your human anatomy study.

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