July 22, 2009

I Am Not MIA...

Hi all my blogging friends. I apologize for not posting in awhile. Being that it's summer (although the weather would say different), I haven't felt like writing much lately. We did get to do our field trip to Strawberry Banke, despite getting poured on constantly. We had a fabulous time! It was so amazing to see the insides of the homes. LM was amazed by one house, that showed by cutting away portions of the ceiling and such, how the home was built. He is a budding architect so this was the best part. All the kids were facinated to go into the "corner grocery", set during WWII, and see that many of the products we use today were around back when my mom was a kid.
Unfortunately, they do not allow photo taking inside the homes. I did get some shots outside when we were not getting rained on. Enjoy (the first few, and the last 10-15 were taken in Prescott Park):

We also volunteered to help out for the 4th of July celebration at the fairgrounds two towns over. We had a blast meeting people from the other church who hosted the event, got to see my favorite Christian rock band, True Witness perform, and saw lots of friends. The kids had a good time, and we were all exhausted by the time 11pm rolled around. We were luck to be in the grandstand for the fireworks, because apparently those out on the field couldn't see them well, due to the clouds.

It has been raining almost non stop since May, which is extremely rare for NH. We didn't get a day above 80 until last week. So far we have had about 10 or 11 sunny days. Not fun for swimming or much else (aka: gardens), but we are making the best of it.

I learned recently, thanks to my online friend Jimmie, about Tagfoot. It is a place to collect bookmarks that you enjoy, and tag them into categories to make it easy for you and your friends to find what they are looking for. I am in the process of adding all my bookmarks to my tagfoot. Please bookmark it and check back often for updates.

I am also busy, trying to wrangle what we will use for homeschooling this coming year. Again we will continue with American History, using free resources. For math, I am investigating and getting excited about using Living Math, and have found some great resources at our little public library to start using. Jimmie has some great ideas on living math, and she is in the "new" stage as well. She is one to bookmark, as she does Squidoo lenses on a myriad of subjects, and always finds the best resources.

I have also been in an inspired mood to sew. Now, I do not sew with a machine....it frustrates me when it bogs down, or the machine acts up. It is quicker and easier for me to sew by hand. One site that has inspired my creative side is One Pretty Thing. She collects ideas/projects from the web and puts them on her blog. Truly will get your creative juices flowing too.

Ok, off to relax....no plans today, just see how it flows. I can use the day of rest, it has been chaotic around here.

Be blessed!