August 25, 2009

A Meme

Mrs. Dewey Smith, of Our Plain and Simple Life, post a meme (very reluctantly mind you)...and because I read her blog religiously (ok, I take one evening and read all the posts she has made since I was there the week before...I am not a daily kind of chick), she "tagged" me in a round about way.
So, here are my things for this meme:

Little Known Things About Me:

  • I ALMOST had an Associate's Degree in Accounting/Business Management. Almost, because due to becoming pregnant a second time, with a 4 year old already home, and having to go back to work, school was the first thing to go. I did come within 8 credits, and was on the Dean's list every semester (yeah me, the only time in my life I got A's).
  • I get along with my family, but feel like I was adopted. My physical appearance doesn't jive with that, because I look JUST LIKE both my parents, with a good blend of both. But I have always been the odd duck of the family.
  • My favorite movie is...Anything with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, or Rock Hudson and Doris Day. I love them!
  • What women, true or fictional, am I most like? I guess I would say I am a bit of Laura Ingills, Anne (of Green Gables fame), and my mother.
  • Favorite comfort food: Definitely lasagna, spaghetti, chocolate.
  • Favorite Colors: Sage green, and neutral tones...yeah not very exciting, but it is what it is.
Ok, so I am going to cheat, as Mrs. Dewey Smith did, and if you read this post, consider yourself "IT". Love to see your comments and meme's about yourself.

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