September 12, 2009

Blog Is Fixed and TAGFOOT

Thanks to some serious persistence on my part, the blog is finally fixed! I love the layout I found (although I still need to find a great Bible verse to add for my description), and I have all my sidebar widgets the way I want them.

I also wanted to let you know that while my bookmarks to various things: homeschooling, homesteading, sewing, etc. are not on the sidebar any longer, they are not gone forever. They can be found in the Tagfoot widget on my sidebar, which is CONSTANTLY updated daily as I find new things to share (of which there are MANY!)

You can also visit my actual Tagfoot page, and do not need to be a member of Tagfoot to see all my links/bookmarks (sorted by tags). There is much there to be had, and I am constantly reading blogs and websites, and share any resources I feel are of value to me (and hopefully to you).

Be blessed!

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