September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday and The Blessings of Boys

I am combining two posts today, well...because it is just easier lol. Forgive me my laziness.

First is my Wordless Wednesday:

And TOS did a few articles in their newsletter today on the Blessings of Boys. I loved all the articles, and could really relate to them.

My first child was a girl. She is funny, compassionate, moody, and all around a fabulous daughter. She is one of 7 granddaughters....from a group of 4 brothers. You see, until my ex husband and I had our first son, there were no boys. Not since he and his 3 brothers were born. It was quite the accomplishment. Finally, boys to carry on the family name! Or that's how his family sees it. When they are at Grammy and Poppa's they can do no wrong.

But with my family, or with their Dad or I, they are just average, run of the mill, normal boys. There is no "prodigal son" in my eyes. I love all my children, regardless of gender. And not one of them is any better or any worse than the rest.

With that said, there is a different skill to raising boys. They, for the most part, will keep you on your toes more than girls (although my daughter at a younger age, was just like my boys...climbing trees to dizzying heights, etc). They try dangerous feats, just to "one-up" each other.

They are just as emotional as girls, and don't let anyone tell you any different. It is easily handled when they are young...they are
extremely vocal. Tears and all. But something funny happens as they hit puberty.....they shut down. Or I should say, they try to. I won't allow it with me. I know they don't tell me every detail, but they cannot hide important things. I want just as much open communication with my sons as I have with my daughter. Although I think sometimes it is harder with the boys because they become more moody as they get swallowed up by hormones.

So, you are thinking..."Where are the blessings??" Right here:

My boys
AMAZE me every single day! My 11 year old is compassionate, with a heart of gold. He is passionate about animals, and while he wants to learn to hunt, he also has a great desire for conservation for animals. Because he is more tender hearted, he hurts more easily. He also doesn't handle frustration well, but he is maturing every day in that area. He loves to draw, and is very good at it. He wants to help me when we move, to set up gardens, and I fully think I will see him in the kitchen with me more than the other 2 children, learning how to cook.

My 13 year old (14 very soon), is more a "man's man". He loves to be outdoors, in the woods. He is teaching himself how to build a fort, using his own ideas, those from the internet, and library books. He started with simple ideas using downed logs he found on our property. He has since decided he wants to use "real" lumber. He is also the child that I will inevitably find 50 feet in a tree. Complete with rope. But he is also an analytical thinker. He has to know how everything works. He will spend hours trying to figure something out.

As different as these two boys are, they are both part of my heart, and always will be. What mother could ask for more?

Be blessed

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