October 11, 2009


"She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands". Proverbs 31:13

I am a crocheter. I have been since I was about 8. My mother was, and she gladly taught me this great skill. I have done it on and off over the course of my life, and find it very therapeutic.

With my new disability, there are days where it is all I can do to pick up a hook. But like most things in life, I am spurred on by my glorious Creator. HE knows that even on my worst day, it will help. It is not only good exercise for me, to help free up muscle spasms, but it is good for my soul.

I have never made anything for myself. I always crochet for others. Baby blankets for friends expecting, afghans for my children or others. My first "non-afghan" project was a sweater I made for my daughter while I was expecting. I had never followed a pattern before. It was white, with a cross stitch embellishment (yes there is a stitch in crochet that is called cross stitch). I fell in love with it as I made it, even though it frustrated me to follow the pattern. It turned out beautiful, and she wore it home from the hospital and for a few months afterwards, until she outgrew it.

I still have that sweater. I look at it, and it brings back all those feelings of excitement and nervousness that comes with being a mother for the first time. I am saving it for her, for her first born.

Much like quilters, knitters, and others who create beautiful things, crocheting brings back the memories that come with the item that was made. Whether you make it for yourself, or a friend, or charity. It will bless another. Even the simplest project is a blessing. If you can crochet, knit, quilt, etc....consider using it to bless someone else. God didn't give you that gift so that you could be selfish about it.

If you create something simple, such as a lapghan, it is going to warm the heart of a nursing home patient (as it also warms their lap). Caps for newborn preemies, or cancer patients.

My dear friend Stephanie passed away over a year ago from cancer. She put up a good fight, with God in her corner the entire time. I had made her a simple lapghan, in a few shades of blue. I wasn't sure she would even use it. But when I got her email that she received it in the mail, I cried. She was gushing over how beautiful this was. She was taking it to Dana Farber each week for her treatments. She also said that she got compliments from everyone there about it.

I never made it to receive accolades. I just wanted to comfort my friend. I wanted to give her a "virtual" hug of sorts, since I could not see her in person. It did so much more than that. That was God's touch upon the gift he gave me. To be able to reach out through my hands to give someone else a bit of love.

I am giving you a few links to various crochet sites where you can find patterns to make things that bless others. And below that you will find links to various charities that you can create beautiful things for, to bless others.

Crochet Free Pattern Sites:

Free Vintage Crochet Patterns
Crochet Pattern Central
Crochenit Free Patterns
Tunisian Patterns
Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knit
Free Crochet Patterns on About.com
Crochet Spot Free Patterns
Crochet Me
(this site has a sign up area, but you do not have to sign up to view the patterns)
Fave Crafts
(this site does require sign up, but it is free)
Around the Crochet Table
(this site has a compliation of free and for purchase patterns)
Lion Brand Yarn site
(requires a free sign up, which will also get you a newsletter)
RedHeart yarn site
(also requires free sign up)

Those should get you started (or overwhelmed lol)

Now, for the Charities that you can make projects for:

Needles For the Needy
Cure Caps
American Angels Heroghans
(this is a Yahoo group you will need to join)
American Angels
(this is a Yahoo group you will need to join)
Warm the World
Forever Warm
Mama's Travelling Blanket
Project Fuzzy
(I cannot tell if this group is still active, but these are the free patterns they offer, consider making and donating to your local children's hospital)
Bev's Country Cottage
(Bev provides patterns, as well as organizations to donate to)
Binky Patrol
Kristie's Foundation

Those should give you an idea of where to start. Please do not forget your local community. Shelters, orphanages, children's hospitals, they all need help. Contact them first before donating, to make sure they will accept your handmade gift of love.

In order to be blessed, you must be a blessing.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I assume you found me through a tweet... :)

    I have always wanted to crochet, but don't know how. We have a friend who has a business where she hand crochets beautiful afghans. They are so neat! I can do the basic knit stitch, but that's it. I tried to crochet a hat once, just a simple beginners one, and it looks so distorted.

    I am glad that your mother taught you how to crochet... my great-grandmother knitted things for my grandma and mom all the times, including coats and sweaters, socks and hats and mittens. I wish I had her skill. It would be such a blessing!

    many blessings in the name of Yahovah -
    ~Miss Rachel

  2. Miss Rachel,
    I actually found you through a Facebook post your mom Jacque made today. Thank you for coming to visit me.

    If you have a desire to learn crochet, or knit, there are great websites with video tutorials for free. If you need help locating them, feel free to message me, and I will help you find them.

    Be blessed!

  3. Hi, Stephanie~

    Great post and lots of neat links! I am not really into crocheting, but I am doing one for Needles for the Needy and am almost finished. WAHOO!

    I can't wait to see some of the things that you will create!


  4. Thanks Laura:) Will have some pictures soon!

  5. I am always crocheting here, as our my children (girls and boys alike!) My Grandmother taught me years ago as well...I have 1 out of 5 aunts who crochet...no one else was interested.

    What I wish I could do well is knit. I'm just too "high spirited" for knitting it seems :o) I get tangled and lost in the pattern within a couple of rows. Crocheting I can do with my eyes closed. It is truly an invaluable skill for girls I believe.

    Great links, thank you!

  6. You sound like you have your hands full. I want to teach my boys, I think it will be valuable. Glad to know there is someone else dong the same.

    Glad to have you stop by my blog Deanna :) I enjoy yours so much!!