October 15, 2009

Faith Is An Exciting Adventure

I am new to my faith. As I have posted about before, I dabbled in my belief in G-d and Yeshua, but didn't take it seriously. That changed about a year ago. I have learned in that year that coming to faith in G-d, and all that embodies, is a constant learning process, and an adventure.

There are times when I can find the answers I am seeking easily in scripture, and other times that I struggle to hear G-d. I am sure that it is because I do not have my heart fully open to HIM.

But in this adventure, I have been introduced to something I had never heard of. Messianic Judaism. What is Messianic Judaism?

From the Family Bible website:

"Messianic Judaism is actually 2,000 years old, dating back to the time of Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua was born into a Jewish home. He was raised in a Jewish family. His parents were Jewish, His brothers and sisters were Jewish. All His uncles, aunts, and cousins were Jewish. He grew up to become a Jewish rabbi who taught Jewish people in a Jewish land—Israel—about the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya`akov (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: the Jewish patriarchs). Yeshua’s Shliachim (Apostles or Emissaries) were all Jewish. The writers of the B'rit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant Scriptures or so-called “New Testament”) were all Jewish, and for a long time (nearly 300 years) “The Faith” was almost exclusively Jewish. There were tens, or perhaps hundreds, of thousands of Jewish people who believed that Yeshua was the Messiah in the first century following His resurrection (see Acts 2:37-42, 4:4, 21:20), and every single one of them died still a Jew."

I learned of Messianic Judaism from my online friend Jacque. I had never heard of it before, and wanting to grow in my faith, along with being a major history fanatic, I want to know more.

The faith I grew up in, modern Christianity, is actually a product of Constantine. He became a convert to Christianity when he was in a war with his brother in law. It is said that he had a vision after praying to G-d for divine providence. While he claimed to believe in Yeshua, he did not get rid of his pagan roots. He is the one who declared the cross a symbol of Christianity. He is the one who dictated what modern Christianity would look like, through the gathering of bishops at the Nicaea Council. These bishops, under the direction of Constantine, decided what would be the beliefs and basis for the Christian faith.

Christianity has undergone many transformations over the centuries. From government involvement, from gross distortion of G-d's word through various church denominations, we have modern Christianity.

I knew all the history behind Constantine. I had learned about it years ago while teaching my children in our homeschool. Why I never made the actual connection to the distortion of what G-d's word actually says, I may never know. What I do know is this:

-Yeshua was a Jew. The pharises were Jews. I know that Yeshua is my Messiah and savior.
-The first followers of Yeshua were Jews. They continued to practice their Judaism, while knowing that Yeshua was their savior.
-Christianity was born of Judaism.
-Somewhere along the way, the practices of Judaism got perverted into the modern Christianity that we have today. Christmas is a product of Constantine, and his need to control and blend paganism with following Christ.
-The more I learn about G-d and Yeshua, the more I want to know. HE is leading me to his word each and every time I have a question. I do not always understand, but that is HIS way. He will reveal the answers to me when HE feels I am ready to know.

My head is swimming with questions, needs and desires to be closer to G-d and Yeshua. It is like a fire in my belly that can't be quenched. There is so much information out there, that I feel like I need to make a plan to study, and learn. Above all, I must turn to his word first. It is the one truth that can be trusted. People are human, and imperfect. It is easy to misunderstand the word of G-d, or as has been done for centuries, distort it to suit your own beliefs. So while I will find many resources to learn more about my faith, both online and off, ultimately the one source that can be trusted above all is G-d's word. I highly recommend this blog post by Jacque. It was laid on her heart to share this, and it is HIS word, put your faith in nothing but the Word. While you are there, sign up to study along with the Dixon family. Also make sure to check Jacque's sidebar, she has some amazing resources listed.

This is an exciting adventure! I cannot wait to see what G-d has in store for me as I follow his narrow path, that he has shown me. I am blessed by HIM beyond measure. He brings people into my life to show me what is true, what is pure, and what is right.

Be blessed!


  1. I have to say though, that Jesus said the Old Testament, or Torah was just a shadow of what ws to come. We are no longer bound by these customs, but are free as grace has set us free. Our life will show good works because we love the Lord, but as Jesus said these rules that the Jews were given mean nothing now. It is not the cleansing of the hands, rather the heart.

  2. Jenny, do you have exact Bible verses? I would like to read them.

    But I also know that Jesus was a Jew. He celebrated Jewish celebrations such as Passover. He didn't depart from his roots/heritage because he was G-d's only son.

    I also know that he taught us that what was wrong with the "old" was the sacrificing of animals to G-d, and also the fact that despite being Jews, and being commanded to honor only the ONE TRUE G-D, they still practiced the worshiping of other gods. This happened up until the kingdom of David. There is archaeological evidence to back it up.