October 13, 2009

Music Monday

My friend Hannah joins in on a fun activity each Monday in blog world...Music Monday. I have decided to give it a go, and see how I do.

This song brings memories for me, because my middle child, J14 is a major fan of Beethoven. He watches videos on YouTube of people playing this composers music on the piano or keyboard, and he learns by watching. He nearly has this piece memorized.

When he was first learning to play the keyboard, around the age of 5, I had bought a simple little battery operated keyboard from the toy department at Walmart. He loved it! He spent hours trying out the keys, and coming up with his own little "compositions".

Then we took the plunge...I bought a much larger, more "adult" keyboard at our local music shop, second hand. It cost me $50. I then went to the book store and bought a book on keyboarding. That was all there was....the rest is history.

J14, used that book to get the basics of playing down, but 99% of what he has learned, he learned by listening and watching. He is an ear musician...he can hear a piece a few times and he has it pretty much memorized. He cannot read music. Although that is next on his list, because he wants to write some of his own compositions down now.

I love hearing music that my son plays. God truly gave him a gift.

Be blessed!


  1. Wow, it is very powerful! I have always liked classical music. Your son proves to me that we can learn a trade by ourselves. I love the way he explored music and learned by listening and watching. A beautiful video!

  2. Jo, thanks so much for the beautiful comment!