October 9, 2009

This and That

Hello everyone! It has been a busy few weeks around here lately, and so I decided to post a bit of "this and that".

I have been busy with the Mission's Team at my church. I began helping with this just over a month ago, and with this month being Missions Month, it is busy beyond belief. We have been having missionaries come speak at each Sunday service, we are planning a church-wide job fair for the 11th to bring in more helpers in all areas, and the BIG event will be a sit down banquet on the 25th. We have decided rather than ask for the weekly tithing for our missionary projects, we are going to do what we did to raise money for our building fund. We will ask the church family to pledge a set amount each month. There is no minimum or maximum amount you must pledge....just whatever you feel you can afford. This seems to have worked well for our building project, as we were able to raise a large part of the money to refurbish the entire upstairs on one side, for the children's ministry.

Our building was originally built in the 1980's as a mall. It never took off however, and our pastor decided it would make an amazing church for our family. It has worked well, despite the much needed upgrades. But, it is coming along.

The kids are all involved in helping with Missions Month with me. My daughter and older son will be servers at the banquet, and my youngest is helping me paint various country flags to use as centerpieces. He will also be helping me in the kitchen on the day of the banquet to hand off plates to the servers, and anything else I might need. I am so blessed!

On the homeschool front, we are plugging away. We try to get every subject done everyday (yes that is the public school brainwash in me), but I am seriously considering modifying the schedule. I have been doing a lot of reading again on TJED, as well as Charlotte Mason education philosophies. I know it would suit my "teaching" and learning styles, but I have to determine if it would suit my boys.

Yes, boys. My middle child, J14, has been in public school for 3 years. But I am seeing a definite change in his character, attitude, and willingness to learn. So, when we move (which will be soon), he will be homeschooling again. This will be to his benefit, even if he doesn't see it that way at the moment. He has many passions that put him far above his peers in interests...boating, sailing, building, and music. He will have more time to pursue these passions. He will also work on becoming more obedient in his schoolwork, the subjects that do not interest him, but are needed for life. It will not be easy for either of us, but I feel God is calling me to fix this issue....now.

As I mentioned before we will be moving soon. I am grateful to my parents for allowing us to stay with them as long as we have, but we are looking forward to having our home again. My hope is to find a mobile home to purchase, but even if we rent again, it will be our "home", and we will be able to make the adjustments to our life that I have been talking about for nearly a year.

God has been good to me, watching over me and the children in these hard times. I am blessed beyond belief. I am working on learning to "hear" HIM in my search for a home. I know that no matter where HE has us lay our heads, HE will be there with us.

Be blessed!

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