October 27, 2009

What Is Your Persona?

There is a discussion going on right now at Jacque's blog, concerning transparency in your blog. The comments to Jacque's post have been truly uplifting and inspiring to read, and the scriptural reference has really helped me a lot, to continue to grow in Yehovah's word.

Psalms 25

1 By David: I lift my inner being to you, ADONAI; 2 I trust you, my God. Don't let me be disgraced, don't let my enemies gloat over me. 3 No one waiting for you will be disgraced; disgrace awaits those who break faith for no reason. 4 Make me know your ways, ADONAI, teach me your paths. 5 Guide me in your truth, and teach me; for you are the God who saves me, my hope is in you all day long. 6 Remember your compassion and grace, ADONAI; for these are ages old. 7 Don't remember my youthful sins or transgressions; but remember me according to your grace for the sake of your goodness, ADONAI.

8 ADONAI is good, and he is fair; this is why he teaches sinners the way [to live], 9 leads the humble to do what is right and teaches the humble [to live] his way. 10 All ADONAI's paths are grace and truth to those who keep his covenant and instructions. 11 For the sake of your name, ADONAI, forgive my wickedness, great though it is. 12 Who is the person who fears ADONAI? He will teach him the way to choose. 13 He will remain prosperous, and his descendants will inherit the land. 14 ADONAI relates intimately with those who fear him; he makes them know his covenant.

15 My eyes are always directed toward ADONAI, for he will free my feet from the net. 16 Turn to me, and show me your favor; for I am alone and oppressed. 17 The troubles of my heart are growing and growing; bring me out of my distress. 18 See my affliction and suffering, and take all my sins away. 19 Consider my enemies, how many there are and how cruelly they hate me. 20 Protect me and rescue me; don't let me be disgraced, for I take refuge in you. 21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, because my hope is in you. 22 God! Redeem Isra'el from all their troubles!

And Miss Jocelyn talks about this on her blog as well, sharing her pain as she stands true in Yehovah's word and guidance, and loses friends along the way. Most especially hard is the shunning that happens from Christian believers. Not all Christians are like this, but there are many, who pray and attend Sunday service, only to be a totally different person Monday through Friday.

I have found this alot in my own life. Everyone has a different relationship with the people in their lives, whether it is the person you live with (husband, children, mother, father, etc.), or people that you have come to know online. Everyone also has a different relationship with their faith.

It is a struggle each day to know who to trust with your faith, who to share it with, who to protect yourself from. But with Yehovah, I truly believe that all things are possible. He will protect me. I may be shunned by people, but Yehovah will never shun me. He will stand by my side, as will Yeshua, and hold my hand.

I try to be transparent in my blog, and in my life. There are certain things that I do not share in either world, because they are between Yehovah and I. There is no need to share them with the world, because they are not theirs to have. Yet even our Bible tells us that to stand in the truth, even when faced with persecution, is Yehovah's way.

Acts 8:1-4

1 and Sha'ul gave his approval to his murder. Starting with that day, there arose intense persecution against the Messianic Community in Yerushalayim; all but the emissaries were scattered throughout the regions of Y'hudah and Shomron. 2 Some godly men buried Stephen and mourned him deeply. 3 But Sha'ul set out to destroy the Messianic Community - entering house after house, he dragged off both men and women and handed them over to be put in prison. 4 However, those who were scattered announced the Good News of the Word wherever they went.

If Stephen and the other followers of Yeshua could withstand the persection, then why can't we? Have we become too rooted in the World, that what people think of us is more important than what Yehovah and Yeshua tell us is the truth?

Are your personas, in real life and online, truth? Are you being transparent? Or are you hiding who Yehovah wants you to be, in order to conform to the World, and what people think of you?

Be blessed


  1. Hi, Stephanie~

    Isn't it sad, that people can talk about all the immoral and demeaning things of this world and it is totally acceptable. But bring the name of our Lord and Savior into the conversation and WOW!!!

    If I lose friends along the way while I am sharing the message of Christ, then SO BE IT! I will be FRIENDLESS!!


    BTW....please come by my blog for a visit. I have an award for YOU! :> )

  2. Yes it is sad Laura, especially from those who claim to be followers of Yeshua. They should know better, and behave better.

    You have an award for me? How cool, thank you!!!

    I will stop over now. And thank you for being my friend, you are a wonderful example of what Yeshua's love looks like.

    Be blessed!

  3. Very amazing and truthful post! God bless you for sharing this!

  4. Hello-
    I saw that you have posted about my momma's blog... :) and so I thought I would stop by. You posted a comment wishing me a happy birthday on the fifth of this month.

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    thanks and many blessings!

  5. Twinkle Mom, thanks so much! And I appreciate you stopping by. Hope to see you more :)

    Miss Rachel,
    I hope it was a blessed birthday! And yes it was an honor to vote for you in the Homeschool Blogger Awards this year. You always have such amazing food on your blog! Keep up the good work :)