November 26, 2009

Am I Thankful Enough?

It is nearly 2:30 a.m. I tried going to bed at 11:00 p.m., but only tossed and turned. Tomorrow is a big day (or should I say TODAY is a big day?). It is our Thanksgiving celebration in our new home. We have family and friends who will be coming to enjoy it all with us.

Yet here I sit, not able to sleep. I attribute some of that to forgetting to take my pain medication tonight for my shoulder. It helps immensely in sleep. Fact of the matter is, it knocks me out cold within 2 hours or so of taking it. But I forgot until nearly 11, and once it is that late, I can't take it or I won't be able to wake up in the morning.

Something is nagging at me, but I am not sure what. Money is always an issue as a single parent. I was blessed to get the settlement from workman's compensation (despite the fight it took to get to that point). It will allow us to be on our own. Not without watching every penny, but with Yehovah's grace it will last long enough.

I spent some time today reading the posts of my friends on Facebook. What wonderful people I have in my life! I hope I show them enough how much I truly appreciate them.

My children were a great blessing today, helping me get ready for tomorrow's feast. They cleaned, helped cook, and also helped take care of their 17mos. old nephew. I am so proud of them and hope that I tell them enough. a word that has a huge impact. If you have too much, you are considered to have "more than enough". If you have just the right amount, you have "just enough". And if you don't have much, you are considered to have "not enough".

But when it comes to Yehovah's love and grace, are you grateful enough? Do you realize that he gave his only son, Yeshua, so that you might have salvation? Could you do that? Give up a child of yours, in order to help all of mankind, with no guarantee that they will appreciate or even accept your gesture? I doubt I could.

But Yehovah could, and did. It was part of His plan. To bring man back to Him. Too often we get caught up in what others will think is enough. I was guilty of this today, in trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. My plans didn't go according to my "to do" list. Rather than stay home and supervise the cleaning and putting things away to make the house look neater, I spent about 2 hours of the day helping my son-in-law get his car fixed (I was his transportation).

Not much got done from my list today. The basics did. But something much more important happened. My son-in-law and I bonded more. He and my daughter both told me how much they appreciated my help.

It wasn't the praise from them that made today enough. It was the fact that I could help someone else. My children. But even if it had been a stranger, I would have gladly done it. Because the boxes of things that make the corner at the end of the hall look cluttered, will still be there on Friday. They aren't going anywhere.

The house is clean, the food is nearly all ready except for the must haves that get cooked tomorrow, my children are happy and excited for family time tomorrow.

Yehovah gives us enough. He provides for our needs. He gives us free will to choose paths in this life, but he is there with His hand on our shoulder the whole time guiding us towards the path he would have us take. Today he guided me towards a broken car, not my mop and broom.

And it is enough. And I am thankful beyond measure for Yehovah's love and grace in my life. It will always be more than enough.

I hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving, and that you have more than enough in Yehovah's embrace.


  1. Your words pack a punch. An odd way to put it maybe but they are full of love and wisdom. I'm a single mom although my children are grown. You learn to pray, wait, watch. Like you said sometimes there is just enough even when cutting back. I've found great joy in trying new things that cost less but give me more bang for my buck. Life is full and good. Even after a migraine headache. I feel the presence of God and his love and graciousness. His grace. I have enough and I'm fully satisfied. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. Rita, thank you for your kind words. As a single mom myself, I know exactly what you mean. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving :)