December 9, 2009

12 Days of Community - Day 2- Belated

I apologize for being a day late with this post. It was a bit chaotic here yesterday, with my oldest daughter, her hubby and their little one over for the afternoon and evening. Matter of fact, my daughter and grandson slept over last night :).

But without further ado....My 2nd entry into the 12 Days of Community:

Rhonda Jean, at Down To Earth blog, is a true inspiration to me. She is like the older (not by much though) neighbor next door, who shares her wisdom with you. Her blog is full of helpful tips to become more self sufficient.

From stockpiling your pantry, to sewing, gardening, collecting rain water for gardens, you name it, she has wonderful advice. She also shares fabulous recipes for homemade goodies, basic staples, and such things as soap.

I highly recommend you stop by and read her posts. Also check out her newer forum area for more wonderful advice from those ladies who follow her blog.

Be blessed!

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