December 7, 2009

12 Days of Community

My dear sweet friend Jasmine, has shared on her blog, about a great idea started by L.L. Barkat at High Calling Blogs. It is called 12 Days of Community.

In this, you feature another blogger on your blog, one each day for 12 days. I have decided to do this. I did it for several reasons. There are certain blogs that really touch me, teach me, or just make me laugh. I want others to enjoy what I enjoy.

So with that in mind, my first day is going to be none other than Jasmine. :) Now Jasmine has several blogs, but the one that touches me most is the one named Windmill and Tulips.

On this blog, Jasmine, who is a mom to six of the most beautiful children, shares with us from her heart (good and bad), about what it is like to have a child with Down's Syndrome. Gaby is her youngest, and was born with Down Syndrome. She shares the pain, the joys, and everything in between.

She truly is an inspiration, and is fighting to bring awareness to not only Down Syndrome, but also what each parent goes through as they fight for every milestone.

I guess part of me relates to this, even in a small way, because my middle child Joseph, faced his own struggles early in life. While I have been blessed beyond measure by YHVH, that 95% of his issues were resolved, I know how very scary it can be in the beginning, how each little milestone is a triumph, and how very much you love these special gifts from YHVH.

So please, take a few moments out of your day, visit Jasmine directly at Far Above Rubies, and then use the link on her site to go visit her Windmill and Tulips page. You will not be disappointed, and you will be inspired.


  1. So glad you joined us. And, what a great place to begin the celebration... :)

  2. Stephanie, I'm so glad you're joining in these 12 days of Community. Thank you for sharing about my blogs. You are a complete blessing to my life.

    I love you.

  3. Jasmine,
    It was absolutely my pleasure to feature your blogs. You inspire me so much!

    Love you friend!