December 7, 2009

Workbox Tah-Dah

Well, I took the plunge and set up my own tweaked version of the workbox system. I have older kiddos...ages 12 (this Wednesday) and 14. It wasn't hard to modify the system for them, but it is VERY hard to remember to set it up ahead. I have yet to accomplish this, and am usually filling the higher numbers as they are doing the lower numbers.

Honestly I could save myself a TON of grief by doing it the night before, or even the weekend before. I NEED to do that, so if anyone wants to poke me and remind me, feel free lol.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures (note: click on photos for larger view)

This is our main bookcase for school stuff. Lacking a bit in the book department, but I am building up my library again. On the top shelf is my 12yo's folders. These are expanding file folders I bought some time ago, and hadn't used them all. The second shelf is my 14yo's folders. I chose not to use the mini cards with velcro on the front, as I know they WILL get lost. I did something a bit different.......

I had these plastic pencil pouches that you would put in a binder, that someone gave me, so I made a chart for each of my boys. Across the top is the day of the week, and the columns are numbered 1-9 for each day. They will use a wipe-off marker from our whiteboard each day, to mark off as they finish each folder. The next picture is a close up of one.

This is a closeup of what the chart looks like. Each Sunday I will wipe off the charts, and we will start fresh on Monday.

And as an extra, I wanted to alert you to a new workbox group for older kiddos (middle school). You can find it here, so if you have older kiddos, please feel free to join. We can all use help now and again, and the amazing Honey set it up for us after a request on the regular workbox group.

Have a blessed day, and may YHVH watch over and protect you :)

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