February 17, 2010

Boys and Haircuts

With the exception of Joe's very first haircut, I have cut my boy's hair all their lives. Joe is now 14 and Tom is 12.

And just like their different personalities, their hair is so different it baffles the mind. Joe has very curly, coarse hair like his father, and thick as a jungle. Tom has baby-fine, straight hair. Not sure where Tom gets the straight hair....the only other person who has straight hair in our family is my younger brother...somewhere back in our history there is another.

I wanted to take the time to pass along some tips I have learned over the years, to maybe aid you if you take the leap into cutting your son's hair.

1. Buy a good pair of clippers. I cannot stress this enough, especially if your child has thick hair. The pair I currently have cost me about $25. I would like a more expensive pair, but cannot justify the cost. I did make the mistake once, of buying an inexpensive set from WAHL, for only $10, and I got what I paid for. After the first set of haircuts, they were dull and pulled the hair rather than cut it.

2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean and oil your clippers. Nothing dulls them faster than not taking care of them properly. I clean them before I use just incase there are any stray hairs left from the last cut, I clean between cuts (I usually do both boys at the same time), and then when I am done. I oil them before I begin cutting hair, and again after I am done with both boys. This keeps them protected, especially since I store mine in the bathroom, where there is moisture.

3. Be patient. Even teens will squirm. Tom has always been the worst for it. I used to loose my patience. Now I just stay calm. It is a tedious job to begin with, so why add more stress to it.

4. Have a good, sharp pair of scissors. Did you know you can sharpen scissors (or craft punches hehe), by cutting foil with them? It is not the best way to sharpen, but works in a pinch. I prefer a pair of scissors that are shorter, with a sharp tip. For me, with my CRPS, shorter scissors give me more control.

5. If you don't have a drape to use, cut a large trash bag up the middle of one of the flat sides. Then use a piece of tape to secure around the neck area, or a small clip.

6. If your son, like Joe, has hair that curls in 50 different directions, work with it. It may take you several times of going over the same area in different directions, before you get it all the same length. Also, if like Tom, your son has very fine hair, you may have to go over the same area more than once...fine hair tends to "run away" from the clippers (slips through and never gets cut).

7. Invest in an inexpensive mustache/beard trimmer. I find that this works much better for touching up the side burn area and the back of the neck. They are usually battery powered and a bit louder than the clippers, but work much better.

8. Before I let the boys out of the chair when done, I use a fine tooth comb to comb the loose little pieces from their hair. This makes it easier for me to clean up, as well as keeping the drain in my shower empty from clogs.

9. Use the vacuum to clean up the hair from the floor. Using a broom only puts it floating in the air, and you always miss some.

10. If you do get hair on their clothing, put in a dryer for about 10 minutes, and the lint trap will catch most of the stray hair, so that it doesn't end up in your next wash load.

11. For redness and itching on the neck area, make sure the hair is brushed off (I use a dry dishtowel or facecloth), and then sprinkle the neck with baby powder or corn starch. You don't need a lot. I usually put it on a towel and brush it on the skin with that.

12. Once the hair has been washed, check for uneven areas (they will happen), and touch up with your scissors.

I hope this blesses you, and you save yourself $20+ on taking your son to get his hair cut at a salon or barber's.

Be blessed


  1. Good tips! My husband almost always cuts the boys' hair, and it generally turns out better than when we've taken them to a salon.

  2. Too true Laurie, on it looking better. As with all things, we know our children better than a stranger. I know that each of them likes certain things about their hair, and "don't mess with it". LOL!

    Have a blessed day:)