March 27, 2010

Faith Tested

I have had struggles in my life, like most people. Some created out of choices I have made, others just happen. But never have I been tested in my faith as I have in the last two weeks.

My father was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma....lung cancer. As with all lung cancers, there is no cure.

My natural reaction was fear. For my mother, for myself and my children, for my brothers. But over the course of the last few weeks, that fear has decreased. It will never completely go away. I can honestly say that I am not ready to be without my father.

But in all things, YHWH is who I need to seek support, guidance, and strength from. I made the mistake in the last few weeks of reaching out to someone from my past. Someone who I thought could give me emotional support. I was SO wrong. And why I ever doubted my faith is YHWH I will never know.

But this I do know, no matter what happens, YHWH is the only one I will turn to. He will give me what I need. Not any human.

Be blessed, and please say prayers for my father as he begins his treatments in the next week or so.


  1. Stephanie- Our family will lift yours up in prayer for your Father's restoration and for comfort for each of you! Shabbat Shalom my friend and may you experience peace that comes only from knowing and trusting in YHWH!!!

  2. Oh Stephanie!

    You will be in our constant prayers. My mother lived with me for 3 years while she fought cancer. I understand the battle that rages in your mind. Don't be afraid to reach out again. Let God surround you with people to help support you, so that you can support your family. I would gladly be one of those people if you so choose. I'm so sorry that you're going through all this. I wish we lived closer so that I could help you in a more substancial way. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Even if it's just a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. I've been there....I really do understand.

  3. Stephanie: Thank you so much!!

    Laura: Thank you darlin :) I definitely will let you know. Hugs!

  4. Glad you found your way back to the ONE who is trustworthy and worthy of our trust as well.

    I support you and this blog by being a follower.