April 18, 2010

The Future

The future can be a very uncertain thing, especially in the world we are living in today. I want and need to be more self sufficient, less dependent on the economy, if that is possible, and I think it is.

In searching my family history, one thing amazes me. My Great Grandfather, Arthur, worked in the very early 1900's for Phillip's Chemical Company (you know, Milk of Magnesia fame?). Around 1924, he was blinded during a fire at the factory, due to some sort of explosion. My grandfather was 11 at the time, and quit school, and went to work for a local machine shop/garage, pushing a broom and other various "guy friday" type jobs, to take care of his dad. And he did, caring for his father until his death in 1940.

In this country, and around the world, the entitlement mentality has taken over. People want everything for nothing. I will admit myself, that after my injury, I felt the workman's compensation insurance "owed me" something. I didn't ask to be put in this position. I didn't ask to have an arm that only works once in a while, and gradually isn't much use at all.

But the more I read, the more I study my own family history, the more I look to YHWH for guidance, the more I realize that the world owes me nothing. I am completely dependent on YHWH alone.

I have applied for SSDI. I didn't want to, but saw no other options at the time. It is a huge "maybe" that I will get it to help me supplement my income. I think if it were just me, I wouldn't worry so much. I could find a way to get by. But with 3 kiddos depending on me, that adds a bit of a fear factor to it. They trust me.

How did people who were disabled or injured get by in the days before Social Security, Food Stamps, and all the other programs that the progressives put in place after the Great Depression? They JUST DID!

Relying on family and friends, finding a new way to pay for what they needed, or raising what they needed, they made it. It definitely wasn't always easy. But there were no alternatives. If you didn't find a way to earn the money to buy food, or better yet, raise your own, you went hungry.

This has me doing a LOT of thinking about the future. I need to make plans. Even if I get approved for SSDI, there is a very real chance that it won't last more than a few years with the government in so much debt. It was never my plan for it to be my sole source of support. I wanted it to help me get by while I learn something new to support myself and my family.

Lots of thinking and deciding going on in my head. Unfortunately, sometimes the government that you are trying to be less dependent on, is a hindrance to your plans. Let's pray that YHWH helps me find a way to overcome this part of the plan. I think he may have already.

I know this is a bit cryptic....more will be revealed in the very near future. But for now, think about this: If you lost your job tomorrow, or you were injured and could no longer do your job...and there were no services to help you....what would you do?

Be blessed

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