April 24, 2010

How Did They Do It?

Over at The Life of a Prairie Mom, she was contemplating how our grandparents and older generations got everything done in a day, that needed to be done, without some of the modern conveniences (hindrances?) of today. I had posted a comment about using books from Google Books, for advice, tips, etc. I thought I would share some links to some here, maybe you will be interested in the read. I know I am....LOVE old books!! I learn more from them sometimes than newer books.

One thing I will suggest, from searching for books myself, is to look for the "full view". Once you do your basic search, you can narrow down the options, and weed out the snippet and partial view books (those are ones still under copyright), by looking in the left side bar. There you will find the option to look at full view only.

Ok, on to some of my finds:

The Home and It's Management - This is one of my favorites! I love the style of writing, and it includes 300 easy recipes (receipts are what they called them back then). It also focuses on the fact that the home is extremely important....a thought that has quickly become obsolete in modern day society. Here is a fabulous quote from the beginning:

The home is really the most important factor in the nation's life. Home work is the most important business there is. And the woman who manages it must feel this, and she must go about it as a man goes about his business."

A Manual of Home-making - This is a very neat book. It has extremely practical tips for selecting a home, how to do an efficient layout, what to look for in furniture, and how to manage every aspect of homemaking. This is one I am hoping to print out for myself.

If you are looking for a specific homemaking skill, you can also be more specific in your search....for example "needlework". Here are just a few titles I found in a general search. And here for "sewing".

So if like me, you don't have grandparents, or great-grandparents that can show you how things were done during their day, but you want to learn, the resources are out there.

Be blessed (and have fun learning!)

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