April 30, 2010

The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table....this is where my life is centered. This is where life happens. My mother was the same way....her kitchen table was the central part of the home. She would, and still does sit in the livingroom at night to crochet and watch tv, but most of what happens, happens at the table.

My particular kitchen table is especially valuable to me for sentimental reasons. It didn't cost a lot. It isn't pretty, and desperately needs to be refinished. So why is it so important......it was my Grandmother Nichols' table. I lost my grandmother at 11 years old. I missed her terribly and still do. Due to our move to NH when I was 7, I didn't get to see her as much as my cousins probably did, but I had a connection to her. I have been told many times that I am very much like her in some respects.

I imagine, just as I do with my children, her sitting here and giving advice to her children, or just being silly. I can see her and my grandfather discussing some decision they had to make about finances or one of the children. There is history in this old, beat up kitchen table. My history.

I will try to keep this table for as long as I live, although it has had to go through repairs over the years. And I will continue to repair it. It may not have monetary value in the world, but in my world, and hopefully my children's world, it has a much more important value....history....theirs and mine.


  1. I LOVE this Steph. . . . .reminds me of my kids' paternal grandma's kitchen table. . . .that's where the action always was, not in the living room. Maybe because it was close to the bathroom and close to the heat in the house but it was also where all the love seemed to congregate! I'll love her forever for showing me that and teaching me the kitchen can be a loving place because it wasn't where I grew up.

  2. Hello, my friend~

    I feel the same way about my kitchen table. It was made from an old barn erected in 1740 by our close friends. Oh, the stories this table has had told around it. I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!


  3. Laura, that is SO cool! And I agree, if "tables could talk" lol! Thanks for always stopping by to read my blog, it means a lot to me!

  4. Cyndi,
    Thanks gf!! Isn't it amazing how much we learn if we just stop and listen? So glad you were able to share that with your kids, I know they will come to appreciate over the years!

    Hugs darlin!