April 10, 2010

Pantry ...aka. trying to stock up

I am fortunate to have a "back room" in this apartment. It is where my stacking washer/dryer is located (thanks to a lady on Craigslist, a steal at $300 when I moved in), my stand up freezer (free to use), and where I am in the process of building up a pantry. It has been total chaos for the first few months we have lived here, because the room also served as a dropping off point for anything I still needed to sort through.

I am almost done the sorting that I need to do, just one small pile left, most of it yarn that will go in a box under my bed.

Here is a shot of the shelving that I have at the moment:

This doesn't show the whole room, just a corner of it. That shelving on the right actually goes almost to the ceiling. And the shelving on the left is a much smaller piece that sets on my bureau (that I am converting to more storage space as soon as I get the summer clothes out of it). I am using the top draw of the bureau for things like snacks (ie: fruit roll ups, etc).

I have tried since day one to keep like things together, but things keep getting moved around by me and the kids. I also have 2 metal shelving units that I am going to put in here. My hope is to use the heavier plastic shelving in the this picture for things like canned spaghetti sauce, and such. The lighter, less durable metal shelving will be for things like baking mixes, cereals, pasta, etc.

We made a trip to BJs today, and did a pretty decent job of stocking up on some stuff. I can't get my spag sauce there, or some other things (they either don't carry it or it's more expensive than Walmart), so I have another shopping trip in the works for this week. Still need the basics like milk.

But I thought you would like to see the start to my "pantry". Loving this little back room, which is about the size of my bathroom, and will be great once I get my clutter cleaned up LOL!

Here are a few links to some cool pantry resources I thought you might like:

Organized Pantry: Beginner Guide

Organize Your Pantry and Freezer To Save Money

Food Storage Calculator

USDA website with all things food storage (canning, freezing, etc)

Organized Home forms for food storage
(check out the household notebook section, but take your time on this site...lots to keep you organized in all areas of your life)

Be blessed


  1. I love it!! Aren't pantry's fun? I made one myself out of the space under my entry way stairs. It's not nearly as big as your space and it's downstairs....but boy does it come in handy for storage of bulk items. Thanks for showing us pics!! You've got me inspired to go through my areas and organize AGAIN!!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for the good links. Your food storage looks great! My pantry still has tons of stuff that really should be placed somewhere else and I lived here since last June!



  3. Laura, yes it is fun, if I keep it organized lol!

    Jo, glad to help :) Mine has stuff it that shouldn't be, but that is on my "to do" list today :)