April 8, 2010

What Gleaning The Harvest Does For Me

I thought I might take a few minutes today to share how Gleaning the Harvest helps me, as a single homeschooling mom. It might shed some light on this issue for those of you who aren't fully aware of what the ministry is about.

I am unable to work, and have been this way since October of 2008. I have a nerve disorder called RSD or CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). It is in my dominant hand/shoulder/arm, and is spreading to my rib and back area. It is extremely painful most days. I am able to get by with the blessing of my amazing children and family, who help me immensely.

I was nominated by my sweet friend Jasmine, last fall, for the Gleaning the Harvest ministry. At the time, I didn't need the help financially as I do now. But when things started to go down hill financially, the Dixon family, who run GTH, really stepped up and put me on the website asap.

So far, most months, the donations I receive from GTH help me pay my $850 rent. I only receive child support from my ex husband, and while he is excellent about paying always, it doesn't cover the rent fully.

I just recently received fuel assistance for both my gas heat, and the electric bill. Unfortunately, the electric assistance doesn't take effect until April (this month), and I still have a $200 electric bill to pay for from March. No...I am not excessive in my use of electricity. I live in NH, which has the 3rd highest electric rates in the country. And 2 of the bedrooms in this apartment run on electric heat, rather than gas. Despite our best efforts to keep the heat low in those rooms and use just extra blankets...the bill has been high since I moved in. So the GTH funds will go to keep that paid.

I also have the issue of my car. It is due for registration and inspection in May. It is my only vehicle...a 10yr old Neon. I got a good deal on it 4 yrs ago, but as it is aging, it needs little bits of work here and there like all cars. My registration will cost $90, and my inspection $40. The car needs some issues fixed before I can do the inspection...I am leaking brake fluid, and found that it is something to do with the rear passenger tire. So I am expecting to have to pay about $50 or so for parts, and my ex-husband will do the labor part to repair it.

Other little things add up each month as well, that GTH assists with: daily things like toilet paper, supplies to make laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc.

I have made many changes in my life, to save myself money, and to live a more simple life. Unfortunately, things do cost money. One of the kids might need new shoes, or the car might break down, or I might need to get a prescription filled.

Gleaning The Harvest is a blessing that I don't know what I would do without. The Dixon family are a gift from YHWH, and so are those who choose to donate to the various families. There are many people who are far worse off than I am....I feel blessed every single day just to be able to share my life with my family and friends.

If you haven't visited the GTH website, please do. Read the stories of the families that the donations are given to. You will be truly blessed by them. I know I am.


  1. It is Cyndi! And to trust in YHWH to provide those amazing people who feel led to help me, it is just awe inspiring. If it weren't for my donations this month, I would not have made rent. I am so fortunate to have so many people who care.