May 5, 2010

Farm Journal - 21st Century Style

For centuries, farmers and homesteaders have been keeping journals. The entries could simply be one sentence "3 inches of rain today". Or they could be very detailed, depending on the author. They would keep track yearly of how their farm did, including things about the weather, the livestock and the crops. It was a way to gauge the past year, but also to plan for the next.

Now we have farm journals....21st century style, in the form of blogs. I am a blog addict. When I find one that really strikes a cord with me, I can lose myself in it like a good book, for hours. It gives us the ability to peek inside the daily life of others, to see what works and doesn't work for them, and if you are lucky and have a good writer on the creative end of the blog, you learn something along the way.

I am currently learning A LOT! I keep a notebook next to me while reading farming/homesteading blogs, because I almost always walk away with some little tidbit of information that will be useful in the future. I try to always put the source, but sometimes I forget.

Here are a few blogs I am enjoying now, or have in the past and refer back to often:

Granny Miller
Down To Earth
Antiquity Oaks
Our Plain and Simple Life
Nexus Alpacas
3 Acre Homestead

These are just a few that have my interest either long term, or for the moment. I have hopes of creating a link category on my sidebar, just for these types of blogs.

How do I choose which blogs I like? Usually I will read the first few current posts on a blog, and if I can't tell if I like it by then, I will jump around to a few posts from the past year or two, to see if it sparks my interest. If the writing doesn't capture me, or I learn nothing from it, I move on. I know, I am a picky reader....but there is so little time, and so much to enjoy/learn that I can't waste my time on blogs that don't give me these two ingredients.

One key point you must remember going in to the blogosphere of the farming/homesteading world....sometimes posts will be weeks or months apart. Especially in spring and summer. Why is this? They are busy running their farms, and don't have time to sit in front of a computer. Patience is the best thing, and if they have a feed for their blog, sign up for it. This will allow you to receive an email when they do post, and make it easier to follow along on their progress.

Be blessed!

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  1. Good morning, my friend~

    I have never been one to keep a written journal...blogging is the closest I'll get to it.

    Thank you for the links to the blogs you like to visit. I have visited a few of them....LOVE 'EM!

    Have a blessed day, my friend~