May 4, 2010

Garden & Life Update

As you can see, I couldn't have picked a better window in the house! Most everything is going great guns!! On the bottom row, from left to right are the pole beans (meant to buy bush), corn (only got 3 of that), and carrots. On the top from left to right are pickling cukes (they have been the best to grow), lima beans (only 2 of those, but that's ok, because I am the only one who eats them), and peas (you can't see them in this shot because of the height of the can, but they are a good 3 inches tall...maybe a bit more).

I am really pleased with how everything is growing, except the corn. I am planning to run errands later and will get some more seeds for that. I also need to get more dirt for the garden. Tom and I went and got 8 bags this weekend, and I thought that would be enough to finish filling in the raised bed...but nope...only half of it lol. I was going to go back and get more over the weekend, but it is too much for Tom by himself. So I will get the boys both to go with me this afternoon and pick it up. I wasn't able to get the dirt from mom' I am getting just run of the mill topsoil. With what I am doing to "help" the garden along with coffee grounds and such, and the good base of Miracle Grow soil on the bottom, I think it will do well, and it is MUCH cheaper.

It looks like I am going to have to get everything in the ground hopefully this week. I can't see it staying in the house much longer. I am really surprised they grew so quickly to the size they did. We aren't supposed to get below 50 at night all week, so they should be safe. I am going to rig up some sort of covering though just in that I can cover them with plastic if I need to. I need to pay closer attention to the weather now that we have the garden....we don't have cable, so I watch the news and weather online.

Other than that, our little apartment life is pretty quiet. Joe began his classes on VLACS last week, and so far it is going well. I unintentionally set off a bit of a discussion on one of my local homeschool group's email it still homeschooling if you use the online courses, or isn't it? I will write more about that in another post.

We are gearing up for Samantha's graduation from high school in just over a month. I need to get online and find some inspiration for her invitations we are going to make for her party. We will be doing that at my mom and dad's, as they have a huge backyard.

Tom is doing great, babysitting his eggs. We did lose the 2 chooks, but now I know some of the reasons why...including just the simple change in environment. Will know better for next time, and am doing a lot of reading online about chooks. Out of the six eggs he was given by Annie at The Green Alpaca, we know 2 are definitely viable, and 3 maybes. One was a definite no, after candling, so I helped him drain the egg shell, and now he has it as a souvenir.

I also moved my sewing machine into the livingroom (after rearranging it). It was just too crowded in my little bedroom to even consider using it. It needs the belt replaced, but I am going to see how well I can get by for now with it as is. I have no idea how to use the darn machine...I have always done what little sewing I do, by hand. But there are so many projects I want to do, including making skirts for myself, that I am determined to learn. Poor sewing machine might not know what it is getting itself into!

Ok, off to start the day and get busy. Be blessed!!

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