May 17, 2010

Head Banging Has Officially Stopped

I know, a bit of an odd title for this post, but once you read on you will realize it is appropriate.

For 13 years I have been trying to get moved onto a particular 2 acres of land. But for various reasons which I won't go into here it hasn't happened. And I have now finally accepted that it won't. I was sad at first. It was a dream, a plan, for many years. When you lose a piece of yourself like that, it hurts.

I came *this* close to being on the land twice, but in each case it fell through. In hindsight, it was probably for the best. And now the head banging that I have been doing for 13 years, against the wall of "how do I get there", is over. I give.

It is both sobering, but also opens up all sorts of new possibilities. I am not giving up on having a homestead. That is still the mission, especially with the economy the way it is, and will be in the foreseeable future. I want security not only for me, but for my children. My daughter graduates this year from high school. She is going to hopefully go to College Plus, to get a BA in English and become a librarian. What if down the road she is unable to find a job? She is already having issues finding even a part time job. I want her to have a safe place, that no matter what happens in the world, she will be warm, have a roof over her head, and food on her plate. I want this for all my children.

If I have learned anything in the last few years, it is that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself. Even if they don't mean to, people will let you down. Services will not always be available. You have to know how to take care of yourself.

So what am I seeking for a place to live? I have a few MUSTS, and honestly I don't think they are all that unreasonable. See what you think, and please don't hesitate to offer feedback, I truly welcome it.

-Minimum of 2 acres (preferably 5-10). I would love it to already have clearings for some pastures for animals.

-Minimum of a 2 bedroom home. We are not fancy people, something simple is best. A mobile home, a small home, or anything in between. Doesn't matter if it needs minor work, as we are very handy, and what we don't know how to fix already, we will learn.

-Ability to have high speed internet. Whether this is through a cable company or a satellite company doesn't matter. We don't use cable, and use the internet daily for learning, research, and entertainment.

-Be within 100 miles of basic amenities such as hospital, doctors (especially one that I can see for my CRPS every few months), hardware store, etc. The ability to "go into town" once a month is needed to pick up supplies, stock up on stuff we can't produce ourselves, and to get basic medical treatment.

-Be able to pay it off completely in 5-10 years. I want to do this as close to debt free as possible.

Pretty basic stuff right? Well there is a catch......I would like to (read: need to), find someone who is willing to let me buy on contract. This form of selling real estate was popular in the late 1970's, to combat the high interest rates. When rates came down to a more acceptable level, people went back to traditional mortgages. There are a LOT of homes currently sitting empty, some for several years, due to our current economic situation. There HAS to be an owner out there that would be willing to let a single mom build a life for her and her children. There has to be.....I just need to find it.

Ideally, I would like to stay within a few hours drive of my current location, but also realize that may not be an option for my income level. It would be nice if my children's father could see them without too much hassle, at least once a month. I would also like to be close enough that I could drive to help my mom and dad in just a few hours (he is fighting lung cancer). I would love to stay in my current state, but the reality is that real estate here is still over priced, despite the current economic climate. People still think they are going to get outrageous prices for their properties. It baffles my mind, but I can't change it. I am seriously considering the next state over, as there are numerous properties within a price range, that at $400-$500 per month, I could pay off in just 5 years. And if/when SSDI kicks in, I could do it sooner. Too good to be true, but if I could find something before the deadline on the tax credit for new homeowners runs out, I could apply a good chunk of that rebate to the purchase price as well.

But in the meantime, while I search for this future property, I have work to do here. I need to declutter our lives, and get rid of stuff that we don't use. I will be holding at least one yard sale over the summer, to see if I can make any cash from it. What I can't sell, I will give away. It amazes me how much "stuff" we accumulate! I will continue to research animals, farming practices, and options for making a living from both. Learning is a life long process, and it excites me to no end!

On another note: I now have a blog button! Thanks to my very sweet friend Jasmine, you can now grab my button (top right hand corner of this page), and share the love. If you do grab my button, please leave me a comment, and I would love to share yours on my blog.

I will probably be redesigning my blog soon. I want to set up pages, now that blogger offers that option, and make it easier to find the info you are looking for, whether it is homeschool related, homesteading, or faith. I'm all about easier lol.

Be blessed :)


  1. I will be praying for you! My family and I have a similar dream so I can understand some of the things you are going through. Please keep us updated. I grabbed your button, it is beautiful.

  2. Alexis,
    Thank you so much for the support :) And thank you for taking my button...I will do the same in return. I have to give all credit to my friend Jasmine, who designed it for me :) She is a true blessing!