May 21, 2010

Horror at 5:30 a.m.

UPDATE #2: Tater is home, with antibiotics, and supposed to stay quiet for a few days...yeah right...he is already running around. Tried to put him in the portacrib, but he just climbed out. He is going to be fine, just a bit beat up, with a pinhole in the top of his head, and a small hematoma in his eye that should go away in a week or two.

UPDATE: It looks like Tater will be ok, with some scars. He is at the vet. They will give him some fluids and pain meds for the next few hours. She said that he looked worse than he actually was, and that it was more shock than anything.

It started out like any other morning. I crawled out of bed this morning at 5:30, headed to the bathroom, and then got Bella's food. Tater, the new kitten was toddling around her food area, just before I put the dish down. He shot down the hall, as I put it on the floor, and I went to fill his food dish.

While getting ready to pour a cup of coffee, I heard it. Bella snapped at him, and I saw him make a beeline for my bedroom. After yelling at Bella, I went to find him. I sat on the floor and called him, and could hear him crying. I looked under the bed but didn't see him. Then I called again, reassuring him it would be ok. I found him sitting in front of my closet. When he looked at me I knew she had gotten him bad.

He had blood coming from the top of his head, presumably from one of her teeth. His right eye is full of blood and he can't see out of it. He is also dripping blood from his nose, and trying to breath through his mouth. Occasionally he coughs and some of the blood comes from his nose onto the towel.

Here I sit an hour and a half later, wondering how this happened. This poor little kitten, only 8 weeks old, is in a laundry basket on the floor next to me. Whether he makes it or not is yet to be seen. He is resting, and I managed to get a drop of baby motrin into him (yep, only thing I had on hand, figured it couldn't hurt, and might help his pain).

Every 10 minutes or so, he moves to a new spot in the basket, where I have a pillow and have him wrapped in a towel. He is quiet now.

Bella is an overly jealous dog. I have never owned one quite so bad as her. My pomeranian, Scamp, was jealous too, but not to the extent Bella is. If anyone or anything gets even an ounce of my attention besides her, she is right there pushing her way in. And she is no little dog, being a mix of black lab and newfoundland. She is pushy, and determined to be the center of my universe.

I know, as my friend Cyndi said, that it is just instinct for Bella to protect her food. And I know in my heart that it is just dumb luck that she got little Tater's head. But it doesn't make me feel any better.

I will watch Tater for the next few hours until the vet opens, and see how he is. Please say a prayer for him, that he either recovers fairly unscathed, or that he is goes to sleep peacefully, without much pain.

Thank you

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