May 30, 2010


Jealousy is a horrible thing among humans. It can be down right near fatal in animals. Such has been my week *sigh*.

Our adorable new kitten, as you know, got bitten by my adorable, albeit neurotic and insanely jealous dog Bella. Well he was recovering nicely, getting back to his old self, romping around, playing with anything he could find (10 week old kittens do that you know).

And BAM! Two nights ago, around 1 am, while I had just dozed off, apparently Tater wanted to snuggle. He climbed on the bed, but rather than climbing up on my side, he came up on the other side, and Bella happened to be there. I don't know if he startled her, or she just really didn't want him on the bed...but he got it again.

This time she bit just below his left eye, and under his chin. At first I just thought it was a minor mouth issue, as he had a tiny bit of blood coming out of his mouth. But the next morning, the poor thing's face was swollen to three times it's normal size.

Out came the antibiotics again, and the warm compresses. I am happy to report that Tater is making a full recovery. He is still slow going, and eating soft food, but otherwise seems like he will be fine.

Bella is on probation. How she behaves in the next week or so will determine her fate. I love her to death, but I am disappointed that the previous owner didn't make it fully clear JUST HOW anxiety ridden and jealous a dog she was. If I had know, I have to admit I doubt I would have taken her.

I had a pomeranian named Scamp a few years ago. He wanted to be next to me at all times too. But he wasn't nearly as bad as Bella. I could leave him alone at home, and he would do just fine. I can't do that with Bella. She has a melt down if she is left home alone for more than an hour.

I love her, and want to keep her, but I also have reservations about a dog that would be that snappy towards another animal....especially a baby.

Time will tell :)

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