May 23, 2010

The Library...My 2nd Best Friend

I am a book hound. I have been all my life. Books were an escape for me, a way to learn new things, and ignore the issues around me. I passed this gene on to all but one of my children. The youngest, Tom, likes reading well enough, but you will not see him totally engrossed in something like my other two.

We are extremely fortunate that our city has a great library! And the librarians that work there are amazing!! I missed this library when we moved away for 3 years, and I know I will miss again, when we eventually move to the "farm of my dreams". Small towns don't have great libraries. This isn't their fault....they do the best they can, and there is always inter-library loan for books they don't carry.

Problem is, by the time I get the book from inter-library loan, I have either moved on to something else, or just lost interest. Yeah, I know, short attention span hehe.

Yesterday Tom and I went to the library for some much needed book fix. And movie fix, as our library also happens to have the most amazing collection of dvds and vhs in the world! I have been looking for everything I can on gardening, farming, self- sufficiency, etc. Come to find out, the goober in me was looking in the wrong section.

After seeing several recommendations for books on some fellow bloggers sites, I decided to keep a running list of what I wanted to read. I hit semi-paydirt yesterday and thought I would share what I am reading at the moment (and yes, I read multiple books at a time, drives my family batty):

Hit By A Farm - This is probably THE most hysterical book I have ever read. Catherine's writing style really hits the nail on the head when describing how she and her partner set up their farm. Definitely useful info in it too, but more of a good, "do you know what you are getting yourself into" sort of book. Love it!

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It
- John Seymour. I can't say much about this yet, as I just started reading last night, and am only up to the soil section. But everyone raves about it, and I could use some pointers, since while grumbling doing chores as a kid, I didn't really think to ask dad why he planted our garden a certain way or raised our animals the way he did. (Need to have a chat with him real soon about this though). Will let you know what I think of this, but think it will be a good reference tool, so may have to find a used copy in the future.

The Solar Greenhouse Book
- James C. McCullagh. Again, still in the perusing stages of this book. It is a must have technology if I am to live anywhere here in the northeast, or any place that gets cold winters (regardless of snow). I want to be able to have extended growing seasons, and grow some things straight through winter. And what more economical way to do it, than to harness the sun's power. Looks better on the electric bill too.

Another sort of "at home" library you might want to think about building up, is free books that you can find on various websites, but especially Google Books. I have found some amazing (yep, using that word today a LOT) books from the early 20th century on cooking, farming, homesteading, etc. You name it, if you need to find it, you should check out Google Books. I would love to print out everything I download, unfortunately, ink is saved for stuff to be printed for homeschooling. But, everything for me and the future plans is saved to the external hard drive, so I don't lose it.

I also recently read the Joy of Canning, Knot Work, and A Small Farm in Maine...all excellent books.

If you need to get your book fix, and live on a tight budget, never discount your local library. It also gives you a chance to peruse a book, see if it is something you really would like to own, thus making your home library more useful, rather than cluttered with books no one will ever pick up.

Be blessed, and READ, it's fun!!


  1. Libraries are WONDERFUL! Don't know how we would survive without ours. It's exceptional for a small town. If they don't have it, they'll go to any lengths to get it for you. So much appreciated.

    My fantasy is to some day spend the whole summer reading either in the hammock or on the beach somewhere. (But then who would do my garden??) :o)

  2. We love the library! Bobbin and I could spend days there if I would let us :) Blessings!

  3. LOL Mama Pea! May you can hire a gardening maid?

    Andi, same here, and we have on a few occassions!