May 18, 2010

Picture Goodies

Meet our newest family member, Tater. He is a little tornado when he is not doing this lol. We have all forgotten what it is like to have such a little thing around (he fits in the palm of my hand). When we don't see him for awhile we all go looking for him, and find him sleeping in the smallest of spaces. The other day we had to be gone for several hours, and just could NOT find him when we got home. The kids panicked a bit, thinking he got himself stuck somewhere. I knew he was fine, because if he was stuck we would hear him crying. Sure enough, about an hour after we got home, he came crawling out from under the bureau that holds the tv.

His personality hasn't really come out yet, but he loves to snuggle and be petted, and really dislikes Bella (our dog). I think he just dislikes her because she is so big compared to him. I told the kids not to worry, in a month or two, we will probably find them sleeping together.
I am hoping that they will become best of buds, so she has someone to keep her company when we go out, and I don't have to take her with me if we will be gone for more than an hour. Yes, I have a dog with an anxiety issue....I probably still would have taken her anyway, but it really is a pain in the you know what.

Here is Joe, helping me make pizza the other night. He really had a good time, despite the look on his face (he hates having his picture taken lol). And he is still eating the leftovers for lunch...and is proud as a peacock about how it turned out. I am trying to get the kids more involved in the cooking. I have been a lax mother in that department, always going with the mentality that it is just "easier to do it myself". But that teaches them nothing, does it? And, there may be days where my arm is horrible and I can't cook dinner, or I have to be out past dinner time for an appointment. They need to know how to cook!!

And here we have the dud volcano. I tried a different concoction for Tom's volcano eruption a few days ago. It sounded like it would really be wasn't. It was a complete flop, just barely flowing out. We left the volcano out to dry and will blow it again this week, with just straight baking soda and vinegar.

So there you have just a few things that have been happening around the apartment 'stead the last week. We have been super busy helping my parents, so hopefully things will settle down so I can get my ever growing "to do" list done. I still haven't gotten the plants in the garden yet. Hopefully today!

Be blessed!

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