May 26, 2010

This and That

This is supposed to be the last day of our "heat wave". Tonight it will get down in the 60's, and the rest of the week will be a respectable 70-80. I can live with that! :)

I had to have the kids sleep in the livingroom last night, it was just too unbearable upstairs on the third floor. Although Sam did brave it so her cat, Mika, wouldn't be lonely. Of course if Mika wasn't so anti-social she would just come downstairs where it was a good 20 degrees cooler.

One thing I have found when it is hot, is we don't move much. I try to get stuff done in the morning before it gets too hot, but since I am not a morning person, it usually ends up waiting until later in the day. That is what is happening with the kitchen. For the last two days I have wanted to move the kitchen table to the other side of the room and rearrange things. I will give a good vacuuming to get all the Bella hair up out of the knooks and crannies, and mop the floor. Problem is, I am too hot. I intended to do it last night, but Sam had her last concert at school (she is a senior and graduates in 3 wks), so I put it off. I really need to get it done tonight though, the clutter is driving me batty.

My kitchen isn't near my livingroom at all, but most of life happens here. The boys do most of their schoolwork in the kitchen, obviously all the cooking happens here, and this is where the kids and I chat. They hang out a lot in the livingroom, but the kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. Right now it's feeling a bit like the war zone of the home.

I got to babysit my grandbabies, Saske and Sonja this morning for a bit while Nikki and Johnny went to an appointment. I had to pick them all up and then bring them home because Johnny's starter went in his car yesterday, but it all worked out in the end.

Ok, off to find something that doesn't require moving, until the sun goes down lol!
Hope you all stay cool, dry and comfy.

Be blessed

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  1. Heat does effect our desire to move..LOL! Have a wonderful Sabbath!