May 21, 2010

YHWH Is My Strength

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed by now, May 2010 is not turning out to be my best month. But despite the setbacks, I have had some amazing people come into my life in the last year, and without them I am not sure where I would be.

They have provided me with resources to learn more about Yah, and the true roots of my faith. The things I didn't know are baffling and mind boggling! But it is also very exhilarating to be getting closer to a true relationship with Yah. Some of what I have learned scares me, when it comes to America, and the horrific road she is headed down.

But in all I have learned, one thing has stood stronger than anything.....YAH IS MY STRENGTH. No matter how bad life gets, no matter how many things are out of my control, I know HE is there to watch over me and the kids. I may not always understand the "why" of things that happen, but I know I can trust HIM.

Here are a few links I want to pass along to you, to share what I have learned, and been blessed with from others in my life. I hope they bless you as well.

Hebraic Heritage Ministries International
- Eddie Chumney does fabulous teachings, and makes it easy to understand.

A Rood Awakening- Michael Rood. He is a bit over the top dramatically for me, but I have learned from him.

Walking Therein - My dear sweet friend Jacque's website. She has lots of links and posts what she has learned. She is the one who guided me to the information on America as Babylon.

Our Wholehearted Family - My new friend Stephanie's blog. She truly has some of the most extensive links, and as she shares her walk on this narrow path, she really shares what is in her heart.

Keep an eye on my right side bar. As I find more teachings and resources, I will pass them along there. There are some listed there that are not in the is post, I highly recommend you go visit.

May you be blessed


  1. Yes He is our Strength, May He bless you as you learn more about His ways...Have a great Sabbath!

  2. Thank you Andi, and Shabbat Shalom!!

  3. May you be blessed my friend! May you be RICHLY blessed as you learn more and more to walk in him!
    LMK if you need anything. You know I mean anything.

  4. Thank you so much Jacque :) You inspire me every single day, because you are walking where YAH has asked you to. Hugs!!