June 11, 2010

The Graduate

A week from today, this beautiful young lady will be graduating from high school. No, she is the one child that isn't homeschooled. She really wanted to be at the high school with her friends, and I agreed. Boy she knows how to get to me lol.

She was however, my guinea pig for beginning homeschooling, and even if I do say so myself, she did an amazing job! She went from a child who was constantly being told to stay in her seat (and me getting a million phone calls a week, complaining about it from her teacher), to an avid writer, cook, seamstress, and all around joy to know.

She has always had a heart of gold. When she was 2, I put her in daycare for the first time, while I worked full time and went to school. Her father and I were separated at the time, and she was my only child. Within seconds of being at the daycare, she was off and playing. No "bye mom" or clinging to my leg in terror as many children do. She runs into life with gusto! The teachers at the daycare would tell me how she would give up toys willingly if someone else wanted to play with it. Or race to someone's aid when they got hurt, many times even before the teachers got there.

That compassion and empathy for other people has never gone away (although I do wish it had developed a bit more strongly for her brothers lol). She is the "momma hen" of her friends, always making sure that everyone feels included and that they matter. She keeps her friends in check too. Recently, while at a music banquet for her chorus at the high school, one of the freshman that is a friend was acting out a bit, and she told her "cool it". And the other student listened hehe.

But for as strong a person as she is, she is still that younger version of herself, scared of what others will think of her, worried about her choices in life. But how many of us cannot say we feel for her, even as 40 and 50 somethings, we feel much the same way many times. I wish I could protect her forever from the nasty things she will have to face in this world.

But I know that the strength she has will far out weigh the insecurities. It may take her awhile to get the gumption up to do what she wants to do, but is afraid of, but ultimately she will do it. And I know one thing above all others.......

She may not ask Yah for protection and guidance, but her momma does. And I know that HE will watch over my baby :) He and I together.

Congratulations SweetPea!!! I love you beyond measure, and can't wait to see what your future brings.


  1. Good morning, precious one~

    What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your sweet daughter and congratulations on her graduation!

    She has learned empathy and how to be a caring and responsible adult by following our example.

    May God continue to bless and keep her throughout her life's journey!

    Blessings and much love~

  2. My heart goes to you, my son's just graduated High School...I was not able to be with them. But I hear you on having Yah and Momma watch over them....
    Blessings to you and your daughter!

  3. Thanks you Laura and Andi! It has gone by SO fast!!!

  4. What a beautiful post. Our homeschooled oldest is just entering high school this year. The time goes so quickly, my monitor got all blurry reading your post.

  5. Aww, thank you Lizzie :) My son who is 14 will be going to the high school in another year, unless I can talk him out of it. I really want to homeschool him and my youngest (12) through high school.

  6. This such a beautiful post about your daughter! Two more years and my oldest will graduate.
    Your daughter seems like such a wonderful person and I wish her all the luck.

  7. Thank you Jo! I could have gone on forever lol. It still amazes me to this day, the children that Yah entrusted to me :) Each with their own unique gifts.