June 6, 2010

T.O.B.Y-Homeschool Highlights

Thanks to my new friend, Andi, at The Learning Pomegranate, I learned about T.O.B.Y. (Torah Observant Believers of Yeshua) from Hearts In Training. I am not always good at doing a "weekly" type post, but am going to give it a shot :)

I finally got Tom to agree the eggs that didn't hatch, had to go. They were 3 weeks past their "hatch" date, and I didn't want rotten eggs to explode. Here is a picture of them before we broke them open to investigate.

I won't show you pictures of what we found, but will tell you that 2 definitely were not fertilized, as we first thought. Despite candling them, there was nothing inside but a yolk. The other two had "something" in them. I had Tom make a drawing of each egg, and then write his theory about why they didn't hatch (Mom's fault because she didn't help keep the temperature consistent lol).

For Memorial Day, we went to our friend Yvette's house for a small cookout. It was fun, but smokey, due to the wild fires in Canada. The smoke traveled south to our area in NH.

Tom also is finishing up a lapbook on the American Revolution, using the Evan Moor book History Pockets: The American Revolution. I do wish I had spent a bit of time planning out the layout better, as we are having to really mish-mash it all together.

He is renewing his interest in drawing as well, and has been doing an amazing job using the Ed Emberley books that I bought eons ago. I loved EE as a kid, and now my kids do too. On the drawing board has also been free hand drawings of Timon (Lion King), and the Hyena's from the movie as well.

Joe has been busy with his online classes at VLACS. He does 8th grade math and language arts, as well as high school level earth science and American History. He did two phone quizzes with his teachers this week, and all are impressed with his work. It does take him a lot longer than I had planned, to get through his daily assignments, but some of that is just how Joe works.

He keeps sighing every time he looks out the window at his sailboat that he bought off Craig'sList a few months ago. We have yet to begin the work of sanding it down. I keep reminding him that he has to manage his time better with the school work so that we have time to work on the boat.

My daughter Sam is gearing up for the final countdown to graduation. She used to homeschool, but has been attending the local high school since 9th grade. I am glad on one hand, because she has gotten to do chorus all four years, but when it comes to the academic side of things, I feel she got shortchanged. It was a very tough and heartbreaking decision to let her go there. One I am facing in the next year with Joe.

I am in the process of trying to get ready for Tom's evaluation soon. I need to do it in the next few weeks, as the actual evaluation is due by July 3rd. It won't be hard to do, just time consuming, since during our move, some of our school stuff got put in different places. One thing I want to do is work with him over the next week, and using pictures we have taken over the year, maybe make a Power Point slide show of his year. I think he would like this! And I am sure our evaluator will love it. Joe's evaluation will be easier this year (and free), as our local assistant superintendent has agreed to accept the progress reports from his online classes as his evaluation.

Planning....I am not a planner by nature, but there are so many people out there who are! Thank goodness! I found out old copy of Apologia General Science (Edition 1), in a box in the storage room. Yeah!!! Science for Tom for next year is all set. I couldn't have done it without Donna Young's website though :). If you have never visited her site, I highly recommend you do, as she has THE BEST printables.

Ok, off to get ready for a chorus banquet for Sam, and ramp up for this week's school work. I hope you enjoyed a peek into our school for the week. I should have more pictures for the next post (if I remember to take them lol).



  1. What a wonderful week. And the EE site looks great! Thank you for sharing the link :D
    We tried to hatch a eggs last year, but the temp dropped drastically, so nothing hatched. The idea of a pp for evals is great. I may have to look into that for next year =o)

    Thanks for linking up! It is always an encouragement to our family to see other like minded Homes-Cool highlight!

    Blessings and Shalom!

  2. Shalom Stephanie! I participate in the TOBY homeschool highlights too. I love reading about your family and what you've been up to during the week! I look forward to getting to know you better :-)



  3. Loni: I love Ed Emberley! I hope your kiddos enjoy it too. So glad you could stop by my blog :)

    Christine: Thanks for stopping by! I am excited about this not only because I can share with fellow believers, but also gives me a bit of a way to share how our homeschool works. Looking forward to getting to know you too.

  4. Great Post! I use to post by subject for a while, then that seemed to get over-whelming, TOBY really helped me in that area:)! Plus I really like seeing what other like minded brothers and sisters are doing. I think it helps build up the Body...and I think it's Abba's way of nuturing His children!


  5. Thanks for stopping by Andi! I got inspired by your posts for TOBY, and couldn't help myself lol.

  6. Dropping in to say 'hiya' and thanks for visiting my blog.
    We had a go at hatching our own eggs in December (our summer). Out of 12, we had mostly duds, but 2 very successful hatchlings. They've grown into beautiful hens and began laying not too long ago. This breed (Australorp) is said to be quite broody, so I'm hopeful we'll start the cycle again. :)
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  7. Oh congrats on the hatchlings Alecat! We are going to try again next year, when we hopefully have a place of our own, and don't live in an apartment. My son is doing his reading and researching, so he knows what to do differently next time.