July 28, 2010

The Disco Couch

I have this fabulously sturdy couch that I got from an older woman a few years ago. The thing weighs a TON, and is built like Mt. Rushmore. Solid. It is a double bed sleeper. The mattress isn't in it, as I added it to my other double bed sofa in my bedroom, which is serving as my bed at the moment. Gotta have comfort right?

There is just one thing wrong with this couch.................

It is disco, neon green from the 70's. I couldn't even get the camera to capture the true essence of it's "greenness"...I think the camera actually shuddered when I requested it capture this image. I played with my picture program on the computer to get the right "green", but apparently it doesn't recognize disco green either.

The other issue with this couch, other than the obviously hideous color, is the fabric itself. It was made to stand up to some serious wear and tear, which is why I am guessing the original owner bought it. No tears or wear marks anywhere.....that you can see.

The material on it is about as soft against your skin as burlap. Seriously, it hurts to sit on this couch! I usually keep a nice soft king size throw in the obligatory beige thrown over it to hide it and to make it more comfy, but it is in the wash, getting the "teenagers lounge here" stench off it.

As if the color and texture weren't bad enough, apparently in the advertisement for this sofa, they neglected to tell prospective buyers that as the material ages, despite all the great properties of it, it has one flaw....disintegrating. Yep you heard me right. Now in all it's greenness, for some reason, the "dusty grit" that I find under it each time I clean is actually orange. Nasty little stuff it is. I think it is actually a combination of the material and cushions inside disintegrating. Who knows, one day I may wake up to find the couch has disintegrated into a pillar of dust over night.

I do not want to get rid of the couch....this thing can take a beating, and with three teens still at home, I need something well made to withstand their wrestling...I mean watching tv. Watching tv can be rough on furniture you know!

While I wait for the upholstery fairy to bring me some beautiful material to recover it with, I am watching Freecycle, Salvation Army, and Goodwill in hopes of finding a couple comforters that I could sew into a reasonable cover at least.

I am Irish.....I love green....Just not THIS green.



  1. Time to recover! LOL :)

  2. Too funny that we both posted recently about our couches. I've got to tell you that I grew up with THAT couch. Same TOUGH, ROUGH fabric. It was an OLIVE green, though. I think it was called AVOCADO then. Our refrig was also AVACADO. My mom just recently took that refrig to the dump. It sort of made me sad to see it carted away with old junk. So many memories.

    My mom had the AVACADO couch reupholstered with a blue fabric later in the 80s or 90s.

  3. I know, I was laughing when I read your post Jimmie...and thinking "gee she is a mind reader!" hehe. They did a beautiful job on your couches, and I love the fabric you chose:).