July 3, 2010

The Dixon Family Ministry

As regular readers will already know, I have been a recipient of the Gleaning the Harvest ministry for several months now. I can never say thank you enough to those who donate to help my children and I. People will think that $5 doesn't do much, but it can help in so many ways.

I came to be blessed by this ministry through my friend Jasmine. She nominated me for it, and the Dixon's gladly accepted to help me. I have never met the Dixon family in person, but know them from online.

Over the course of the last year or so, they have been strongly seeking the truth of Yah, and the Scriptures. They are the ones, through their postings of articles and information, that helped me to seek more about Yah, and the TRUTH. They never pressured, only offered information, that I had no choice but to search out. Yah put it into my heart and mind to be more informed. To learn the history of His true faith.

In the process of strengthening their own faith and convictions in Yah, the Dixon's made a very difficult but important decision......they moved out of the USA to Costa Rica. This is a temporary move, until they can go home to Israel. It did not come without personal sacrifices, and I pray for them every day that it becomes easier on their hearts. They know what they are doing is what Yah has called them to do, so they follow willingly. How many of us can say we can do that?

They never intended to set up a "ministry", as they feel that everyone should be ministering Yah's word every single day, through Scripture and through their actions (and I wholeheartedly agree!). Yet they find themselves in the unusual situation of not being able to work in Costa Rica, due to the immigration laws they have.

They will be selling home baked goods locally, and working with another congregation down there, to find various ways to support themselves. They are putting their full trust in Yah to care for them and make sure they have what they need to care for their family. Similar to what I do each day here in NH, but I have to say I am in awe of them. To move to an entirely different country, I have faith, but I can honestly say that my faith isn't as strong as theirs....yet. Someday I hope to be that trusting. It is something I struggle with each and every day. Why I don't know...I keep grappling with it.

I would love to see you all support the Dixon's in their journey to live by Scripture and follow Yah where ever He takes them. They are such an inspiring family, and provide so many resources for so many people, giving freely of themselves.

How many times have you stopped this week to buy a coffee at Starbuck's, or gone out to eat for lunch, because it was easier than to pack a lunch? Imagine how much help that $5 or $10 would be to the Dixon's in setting up their new home, and reaching out to others with Yah's word.....both online and in person.

Please consider helping the Dixon Family Ministry. They have blessed me beyond measure with their friendship, and their ministry, and if I can give back in any way, I will. This post is one way that I can.

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