July 23, 2010

Garden Pictures!! YEAH!

Thanks to Joe, who had his video camera handy, I have pictures to show of the garden, well most of it :)

In this one it looks like I am growing weeds, but in truth, although it needs to be weeded, there is broccoli and brussel sprouts...just saw a peek of two brussel sprout plants the other day, so we will see if any more pop up.

In this shot we have tomatoes, not much it seems from this angle, but they have actually shot up to nearly 8 inches in just one week. Need to be making some cages soon:) Up in the right corner are a couple more tomato plants that some how ended up under the edge of the cukes leaves...think they jumped ship during a rain storm.

Cucumbers! These shot up in less than 2 weeks, and while not producing anything yet, will be very shortly. The shot Joe didn't get was of my biggest cuke plant, one of the two transplants that survived from April. It is the one that is giving me cukes already, and trying to escape the garden by growing out the back side of the fence.

These would be green beans:). You can see part of the makeshift trellis I was talking about yesterday in the shot. No beans yet, but should be very soon, we are seeing little flowers sprouting quickly.

Corn:) There about about 12 plants here....most are in the range of 3-4 feet tall. We have counted 3 ears of corn growing. Will be interesting to see what we actually get from this.

Carrots are going bezerk...don't know how big the buggers will get, but time will tell. I actually need to get back out there and put more dirt around the tops (similar to what you do with potatoes), since my bed isn't very deep. I keep mounding the dirt up so that they have more room to grow down bottom.

Oh, and we cannot forget the ugly, but extremely functional rain barrel. This was an old can I got from Freecycle. I didn't have a scrap piece of hose though, to attach to it. Until last weekend, I was at mom's and she mentioned there was an old hose behind the barn. Sure enough, it was more than long enough. I had serious issues with getting anything to secure the hose inside, and have it not leak around it. I couldn't find rubber gaskets the size I needed, and tried various things to secure a gasket of sorts around the hose. Nothing wanted to work. Liquid nails, caulk, you name it I tried it. Then I resorted to the good old fashioned....Expanding foam! Ugly yes, but extremely functional! So without further adieu:

See the yellow glob at the bottom there? That is the massive amount of spray foam I put on. Never can have too much right? ROFL!

Shalom everyone!


  1. AWESOME! Loved seeing the photos! So happy you garden.
    blessings and shalom!

  2. Thank you Miss Rachel:) I am so enjoying it, this is my first year with any success at all, and it is so fun! Can't wait until we have a place where I can grow enough to feed us through the year:)


  3. Hey, sweetie~

    Everything looks GREAT! Our garden is not fairing so well this year. Well, there's always next year! lol


  4. Thanks Laura:) Sorry to hear yours isn't doing so well...is it from all the heat? Hugs!

  5. Hi Steph,
    I'm glad I got to see your garden! It looks great! Your water barrel turned out great too..I was quite surprised to see you changed the blog around some. It is definitely your style and it looks awesome..Good luck with your garden.

  6. Thanks Andi! Not bad for a first "real" garden hehe.

  7. We all learn things every single gardening year and the next year . . . it's better!

  8. And I can't wait Mama Pea!! :) Thanks for stopping by and always checking in:)