July 22, 2010

No Pictures :(

Booo!!! Insert tears here....

My daughter has gone to her sister's for a few days, and she has a "general idea" where her camera is, but isn't sure. I went into her room to look for it, but after looking around, it's no wonder she doesn't know where it is. The clean clothes I have been diligently washing for the last few days are in various piles around her room, as well as all her "piles" of stuff. Gee, wonder where she gets the piling disorder from?

So, I will just have to update you using words, and hopefully you will be able to imagine it all in your mind. Imagination...what a great thing!!

Schoolwork: Next to nothing to report in this area. I am trying to get all set up for our next round of work, but frankly, my heart just isn't in it. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike planning? Well, I do. There, I admitted it. We did finally drop Joe from all but one of the VLACS classes. He is keeping the high school American History class, but frankly, if he doesn't get in gear, they are going to drop him. He is about 2 weeks behind. We are all in such a "summer break" mood, despite my wanting to do school through the year. I think we will probably take one more week off, and then really get back to it.

Homemaking: I have been busy busy busy in this department. I am paying for it too, as my arm/shoulder is telling me. I am really trying to be hard on myself with decluttering and getting rid of things. There will be a yard sale in the near future:) And anything that doesn't sell, will go on Freecycle. Love that group! I love being able to help others....just this week a woman posted that she was looking for a bed table (the kind you put over your lap), because her daughter was having surgery. I just happened to have one kicking around in my bedroom, that I have been tripping over for months. She picked it up yesterday :).

The back room is all cleaned and organized...and it made me realize I need to do some serious stocking up on stuff. Pasta especially! I am down to 3 boxes of spaghetti, 1 box of shells, and 3 boxes of elbows. Yeppers, besides potatoes, we eat lots of pasta. I also use it in the dog's homemade dog food. I like the consistency better than the rice I was using. I did get to BJ's this past weekend and pick up more Kool Aid (yes, I feed my children sugar drinks), and some other little things. I don't go there as often as I used to, some things are just cheaper at WallyWorld or the local Market Basket.

I am still considering shaving my dog Bella :) You think this is mean at first reading, but if you had to clean up the amount of dog hair that I do each day, you would be right behind me with your own pair of clippers. She is not an especially long haired dog either, but is loosing it constantly. I think for every hair she loses, she gains 10. She is nowhere near bald, but the piles I clean up suggest that in just one week I could create another dog the same size as her.

Torah: I have FINALLY gotten E-sword to download. It took several weeks, but I waited until late one night after the kids had gotten off their computer. Love late nights, the internet is faster. Pays to be a night owl sometimes. Because I could finally get E-sword, I also finally got The Scriptures downloaded. I am so enjoying reading it, and comparing it to the Complete Jewish Bible, as well as more mainstream versions. The learning is endless, and so exciting!

I am still working on wearing skirts more. I was hoping by now to be in them full time, but it hasn't happened. When I have had a couple dollars to check out the local Salvation Army, they haven't had anything I like, or that fits me. I did find a deal on some great material at Ben Franklin's the other day. It is a pretty white material, with small blue flowers on it. Not cotton, it feels like it has some polyester to it, but not 100%. It is heavy enough that it will hang nicely, but not so heavy as to be bulky....does that make sense? I will hopefully post a picture soon (where is that dang camera????). Here is the pattern I will be using to make the skirt. I am hoping it works out well, if so it will become my standard pattern. I will be adding a little length to it so I can do a traditional waistband with elastic, since that is what I have on hand.

I am also working on covering my hair more often. I need to find a good alternative to the bandannas, as I don't always like the way they look. And something light weight for these extremely hot days we have been having. Am perusing some snood patterns that I might be able to crochet. Any suggestions?

Gardening: This is the part of the post I most wanted the pictures for!!! The garden is going great guns! My oldest cuke plant, the one of two that got transplanted from the house, is producing cukes!! I have had one already, and boy did it taste wonderful! I have about 10 more that should be ready by next week....salad is calling their name lol. The tomato plants finally sprouted and now that they have, they are growing fast. I was very late in getting them in the ground. But according to the Farmer's Almanac website, I should be able to get some from them. Green beans...this is funny...I could have sworn that I planted bush beans, so that I didn't have to worry about trellising them, but they are so looking like pole beans...so I made a makeshift trellis for them out of some dowels and garden sticks I had on hand. Nothing pretty, but it works to give them support.

The peas are growing fast, another late starter...I had started some in the house in April, but when I transplanted them, they all died. Another funny on this one...they are too far from the fencing I have around the garden to let them climb it, so to keep them from being on the ground, I wrapped or leaned most of the up on the corn next to them. They seem to be liking it, and the corn doesn't mind :).

Speaking of corn, we only have 10 or so plants, but we spotted 3 ears of corn sprouting yesterday. I know, seems silly to get so excited about such a small garden, but this is our "test" garden for next year...no matter where we are (here or finally on our own land), we will be growing 10 times this much, if not more. So to see that we can do this is just proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks lol. Tom is the most excited about the garden, the other 2 kiddos just groan when I come in with the latest update...hehehe.

Ok, guess that is a pretty good update for now:) Hopefully pictures will be forthcoming. If daughter can find her camera, or I can figure out why my Tracfone won't send to my email anymore. Sigh.....



  1. Shalom Stephanie~
    About the snood, I make my own and love them! It takes about a yard of fabric I use 100% cotton it's breathable :-) you know for those hot days.

    It's a very very easy to sew up with cutting and sewing maybe 1/2 an hour at tops. If your interested I'll create a pdf pattern instructions and send it to you next week. Let me know.

  2. YahKheena, That would be wonderful if you wouldn't mind sending the pattern:) I am always looking for new resources. I think part of the reason I don't like the bandannas is the pattern, and you are limited by color.

    Thanks again! Shalom:)

  3. Sounds like you are doing great. We eat a lot of pasta, too. I pray you have a blessed and wonderful week.

  4. I'll try to get it out to you next week :-)

  5. Even without pics your update was worth reading. I know how you feel without the camera though- it makes it better.

    This past week, I merged some thrift skirts with old t-shirts which are now dresses. I'll do up a blog post about this, but this lengthened the skirts considerably.

    We are blessed because in CAli right now it's considered Ecofriendly and Hip to shop at thrift stores now so we have tons of them around.

    ((hugs)) Blessings

  6. Love the new look of your blog . . . really classy!

    Why don't we wear skirts anymore? Seems like they would be cooler in the summertime.

    Thanks for the update on what's been going on. Yes, pictures would have been nice but your writing paints a good picture!

  7. Thanks Mama Pea:) Still playing with the layout of things, but I like it:) Seems to really suit who I am.

    I don't know why women stopped wearing skirts...will have to do some research on it, but think it really went full force during WWII, then the feminist movement. I am a reformed feminist, thank goodness! :)

    Pictures tomorrow:) Son is going to let me use his camera...whoo hoo!

  8. Hey - I like the new look first of all, and second, who need photo's all the time :0) I loved reading about what is happening in your neck of the woods....Shalom to you my friend, and I pray your path will be laid smooth by Abba in the area of home education!

  9. Andi:) Thank you very much! Shabbat Shalom and I hope you and your family are blessed!!

  10. Stephanie~ I've finished the snood tutorial...I couldn't find an e-mail address for you here on your site... could you hop on over to my site and e-mail me so I can send you the pdf.

    Thanks and happy sewing!!

  11. The “complete Jewish Bible” (referred to above) contains words which a Jewish Messiah impossible could have said.

    The historical Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth taught [The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) 5:19-20 (later Hellenized to “the gospel of Matthew” (which is anti-Torah))]]: “For whoever deletes one [point of] the mishpat of these mitzwot (directives or military-style orders) from Torah, or shall teach others such, [by those in] the Realm of the heavens he shall be called 'deleted.' And whoever ratifies and teaches them shall be called ' Ribi' in the Realm of the heavens.

    For I tell you that unless your tzedaqah [righteousness (as it is defined by Torah)] is over and above that of the [Hellenist-Roman Pseudo- Tzedoqim] Codifiers of halakhah, and of the Rabbinic- Perushim (Pharisees) sect of Judaism, no way will you enter into the Realm of the heavens." (see this blog post why this reconstruction is valid.

    Ribi Yehoshuas teachings were in accordance with Tan’’kh (which Christians calls “NT”). The teachings of Tan’’kh contradicts “Rom 10:9” and many more verses in the “NT”. And thus the “complete Jewish Bible” is not a valid Bible.

    Anders Branderud

  12. Anders, thank you for visiting my blog and offering your comments. I cannot say whether the CJB is a "valid" Bible or not. I do know that is the closest thing I had available to me to study from, and offer it as a resource for others like myself, new to learning about Torah. As I said in my post, it is only one resource that I am using.

    I feel that comparing different versions, as well as using Strong's concordance, and other resources, make a Bible study more valuable.